Sober Queens – with Menopause Expert Sarah Davison


My guest this week is Homeopath, Sarah Davison, who is a natural menopause expert.  She helps women with stress and all aspects of menopause so was able to explain why menopause and alcohol don’t mix!

In this Episode

  • Sarah was enjoying her corporate career until everything went pear-shaped in her 40s
  • The combination of family and work pressure mixed in with hormonal changes knocked her for six
  • She felt completely stressed out and anxious – and so weak she could hardly climb the stairs
  • Sarah hadn’t even heard of the word at the time but now she knows she was in perimenopause
  • The silver lining of this perfect storm was that it made her question her life
  • She’d been going to a homeopath for years so went to see her to get some help
  • The results were so amazing that she decided to leave her job and go back to college to study
  • She did a 3-year full-time degree course in homoeopathic medicine
  • Sarah explained that homoeopathy is a complete system of medicine in its own right – used by 450 million people globally.
  • Natural and non-toxic with no side effects it can be used to treat physical, mental and emotional illnesses
  • It stimulates and reactivates our self-healing mechanism and our bodies will choose the wisest way to do the healing
  • Quite simply homeopathy allows our amazing bodies to heal themselves
  • There is plenty of evidence showing the efficacy of homoeopathy
  • Sarah explained that Menopause is only ONE DAY – one year after the last period
  • 10 to 14 years before that day is Perimenopause and after that day we become post Menopausal
  • Many women in their forties suffer from anxiety, depression insomnia and take medication for it – not knowing that it’s the Perimenopause
  • The average age of the Menopause is 51
  • I loved Sarah’s take on the 3 ages of women and will be stealing that one from her!
  • Women evolve from maidens to mothers to crones, but I share Sarah’s view that a crone gives the impression of an old and bent woman, which is not what mid-life women look like!
  • So let’s rephrase it from maiden to mother to QUEEN – the Queen stage can be from 40 to 80
  • That’s when many women come into their power – we see it in our Tribe Sober Community all the time – women ditching the booze and then discovering what they really want to do with their lives
  • To join a community of Queens then join Tribe Sober via this link!
  • I found it fascinating to learn that Estrogen makes us compliant which may explain why so many women who drink are people pleasers
  • Exhausted from looking after everyone else they start using alcohol as a form of self-care and a reward!
  • The problem with that strategy is that by the time we become postmenopausal and our Estrogen levels drop we may have become dependent on alcohol
  • We may be drinking wine on a daily basis which will be sapping our energy and motivation to try new activities and step into our power
  • Sarah pointed out that drinkers are often very sensitive people who use alcohol as an emotional anaesthetic, especially if they have some unresolved issues
  • If you are prone to hot flushes be aware that alcohol will congest your liver and make them worse- if you want to have the “best” menopause that you can then don’t drink
  • I asked Sarah how we could heal our liver and gut after years of drinking
  • She pointed out that our liver works as a dustbin and eliminating the toxin alcohol will overload it
  • What I didn’t know was that the liver also deactivates hormones – old hormones – so if it can’t deactivate estrogen we end up with too much estrogen floating around which causes an imbalance
  • The evidence between alcohol and breast cancer is stacking up and estrogen-driven breast cancer is quite common these days
  • I had that type of breast cancer and am sure that my heavy drinking was partly responsible
  • Sarah pointed out that bitter foods are great for the liver – particularly beetroot and leafy green veg so let’s keep drinking our green juices!
  • She also reminded us that a healthy gut is very important for menopause and that we should eat a wide variety of foods to nourish our microbiome
  • Many ladies in our community found that their alcohol dependence began to worry them during menopause
  • Sarah believes that menopause brings up unresolved issues and says that in her own case, it was anxiety and digestive issues
  • These get amplified so people may drink more to self-medicate and cope
  • She came up with the clever analogy that of the ground shifting under your house
  • If you’ve been papering over the cracks in your walls for years then the ground shifting would worsen until you could no longer avoid seeing them
  • Rather than stressing about this Sarah suggests that we reframe it as a GIFT – a second chance to deal with our stuff!
  • To contact Sarah go to her website which is
  • You can book a curiosity call to discover whether she can help you – she’s also on LinkedIn as Sarah Davison and on Facebook as

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