Sobriety BootCamp

Next Bootcamp is 20th to 24th May2024

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For most of my adult life I have been a drinker. I tried to quit by myself many times and failed. I joined TS August Boot Camp last year. Five days couldn’t be so bad. Well it wasn’t, in fact after completing the sprint I realised that TS was a group of people just like me. I joined as a member and today am proud to say that I am 5 months sober and feeling fantastic.

I joined the sobriety bootcamp in 2022 for a few reasons; 1- it was free, 2- it only required me to try 5 days sober ( not a lifetime commitment) and 3 – I needed a break from alcohol, but was not sure how to start. Those 5 precious days from Triber Sober, were the catalyst for me to understand and see my life could be one of freedom. The bootcamp not only saved my life, I believe it changed my life. I am now a member of The Tribe and their daily support and connection keep showing me even more peace and joy

I did the Sober Sprint in October and have clocked up 11 weeks, as of today. I didn’t expect to go beyond 5 days, but the support available on here really helped.It’s been said over and over, but it’s worth saying again that connection is the opposite of addiction. There’s no judgement on here

The 5 day Sobriety BootCamp is hosted on the “Sobriety Bootcamp” private Facebook Group

The 5 day Sobriety BootCamp is hosted on the “Sober Bootcamp” private Facebook Group.

Come join our Private Facebook Group – “Sobriety Bootcamp” – it’s open now – click here to join

(Your Facebook friends will not be able to see that you are a member btw ;-)

It will be packed with great advice and live training sessions to get you started/restarted on your sobriety journey.

Give it a try – it could just change your life and it’s all absolutely free!

No obligation, just hang out, connect with others on the same path, ask questions and connect – because “connection is the opposite of addiction”.

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