The Tribe Sober Masterclass is our signature program and was launched in 2015.

Since then thousands of people have used the content to change their lives and discover the joys of an alcohol free lifestyle.

By the end of this Masterclass you will:

Have changed your thinking about alcohol and realized that it’s adding nothing (but trouble) to your life!

Have built your own personal toolkit – tools, techniques and strategies to enable you to change your drinking habits

Have a personal action plan which will enable you to change your relationship with alcohol and begin to thrive in your alcohol free life.

There are Three Ways to Access our Masterclass content

Masterclass Foundation

Work your way through a series of short videos and exercises with the aid of our workbook – self-study method – 3 hours duration

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Masterclass Live

Interact with other participants as Masterclass content is presented live by Janet Gourand and her colleagues – 4 hours duration – Follow up coaching session one week after the Masterclass   Next One Scheduled for 24th Feb 2024 – 13.30 SA time

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Masterclass Intensive

Take a deep dive into the science and psychology of the sobriety journey – via video, audio and written content. Masterclass intensive begins with a 1.2.1 meeting with course creator Janet Gourand, mid-course review with Sue Wood and end of course coaching session with Lynette Le Roux. – work through the 12 hours of content at your own convenience.

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Going through the Masterclass completely changed the way I see alcohol and reduced my desire to drink. I experienced a mindshift as I started to overturn the limiting beliefs I was holding and realised that I didn’t need alcohol to have fun, to relax or to manage stress. The toolkit was brilliant and it’s helped me to put the theory into practice. Thank you Tribe Sober! Adrienne