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Tribe Sober Membership Benefits

Personal Attention

You’ll be personally welcomed and shown how to get the best out your membership. We limit our members to 400 so you will never feel lost or unable to get the support you need.

24/7 Connection

Our international community crosses timezones so there will always be someone to talk to online. The combination of our WhatsApp groups and daily Zoom chats means that you will never feel alone.


We want you to share your triumphs (and struggles) with your tribe. You'll be placed in a small Accountability Group with a couple of Sober Cheerleaders and other members at the same stage of sobriety - all supporting and encouraging each other to stay on track.

Tribe Members Talking

Tribe Sober Membership Offers

A unique membership program to support you at every stage of your journey

Our Member Journey will take you from Day One to your first Soberversary

A 30 day Starter Challenge for all new Members - online and community support

You'll get guidance from the Tribe Sober team and inspiration from Tribe members

A Masterclass which is offered as a live group workshop or an online course

Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Art Therapy, Medical & Nutritional advice

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