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Are you ready to live your best life?

Are you ready to embrace an alcohol free lifestyle?
Are you ready to put down your glass.. and take back your power?

Then Join Tribe Sober!

Tribe Sober Membership is your Gateway to a life of clarity, connection and courage!
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Benefits of the Tribe Sober Membership

Connection - 24/7

You will be personally welcomed to our Tribe and shown how to get the most out of your membership

Our International community crosses time zones so there will always be someone to talk online.

We cap our membership at 400 to guarantee personal attention.


We use challenges and Trackers to provide accountability. Each Challenge comes with online support and community support

We simply ask you to be curious, to listen and learn… and see how many alcohol free days you can manage, It’s about progress not perfection.


You will be given access to our comprehensive Members Journey program which has been tailored to help you deal with every stage of sobriety

From Day 1 to 1st Soberversary. Once we understand the damage that alcohol is doing to our bodies and brains we will be less inclined to drink.

Your Tribe Roadmap to Healthy Living

Follow our steps and build a life you don’t want to escape from.

Your Tribe Sober Roadmap to Healthy Living

Follow our steps and build a life you don't want to escape from.

Need more info ?

Watch this short video by the Founder of Tribe Sober, Janet Gourand explain what to expect as a Tribe Sober member

For more info on how Sober Communities work have a listen to this podcast

3 Steps to Achieving Sobriety

What Our Members Say


If it wasn’t for Janet, I would be in a scary place right now. It was such a slippery slope and I only just saw that once I had gone off it.


I have been sober since 2018! Thank you Janet for this wonderful initiative and I hope many more will find this group.


Thank you Tribe for being the best support for anyone making changes to their drinking habits. After battling secondary infertility, I just found out I’m pregnant and I’m convinced it is due to my drastic lifestyle change.


I really am stunned at how much I don’t miss or crave alcohol. I’m much more present and no more time is wasted on being hungover and feeling guilty.


I cannot tell you how much support I get every single day from this remarkable group. I did it for my children, they deserve more than having a drunk mother around every evening.


This community has contributed immensely to this lost soul finding her way home. I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and I have found myself again!


I’m loving the podcasts! They are brilliant and have encouraged me to get going again. Thank you!


Just browsing the feed and it is so beautiful to see the positivity. You can do this! I promise, it gets easier every day!


I’m 54 days alcohol-free. I’m clear-headed and just exhilarated. So frikkin’ proud of myself and realising just how much my depression has lifted. I’m so grateful for this Tribe!


I nearly lost my family, my everything, as I continued to drink. I’m so thankful for Janet and all of you who have kept me on the sober bus.


The best thing I have ever done is ditching the drink. I can now focus on my mental health. No rehab or a psychologist have helped me with my drinking problem. Tribe Sober is a saviour!


1 year today! I’m over the moon with myself and so grateful for this change in my life.

At Tribe Sober we are Recovery Coaches rather than Addiction Counsellors so we may not be the right community for you if:-

Tribe Sober WILL be a good fit for you if….