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Janet has had many years of experience of corporate life in both Europe and South Africa. When she decided to stop drinking alcohol, she could find very little available support in South Africa. She did not want to go into rehab and decided that AA was not for her. Janet got sober by her own efforts and by attending a workshop in London. As her journey continued, she decided to use her professional background in training and development to design and facilitate her own workshop in order to support people who wish to moderate or quit drinking alcohol. Janet set up a membership program and holds workshops via Zoom which are attended by people from all over the world. If you want more details on membership or workshops just drop her a mail janet@nulltribesober.com. She is married with one son and a chihuahua called June. Originally from London Janet relocated to Cape Town in 2001.

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Sue became involved with Tribe Sober early 2018. Sober since April 2016. She is English but has lived in South Africa since December 1991. An accountant by qualification so is responsibile for the admin side of Tribe Sober and also acts as a mentor for Tribe Members with daily zoom chats. Sue also does a lot of updates on the website – It’s amazing what new skills you can learn when you are sober!!!

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Recovery Coach

Born in Kwa Zulu Natal, Lynette chose to become a recovery coach because coaching was immensely helpful in her own recovery, as well as in finding her true north. Together with Tribe Sober, it became the cornerstone to helping her think, reflect and navigate her way through obstacles and dysfunctional habits, enabling her to become more self-aware, as well as to achieve goals that improved the quality of her life. Lynette 2018 Completed Coach Certification with SACAP

2020 Completed Neuroscience of Change with Coaches Rising

2021 Completed a 6 week Mental Makeover coaching with Staci Danford

2022 Certified with the Life Coach School as a LCS Coach email coaching@nulltribesober.com

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Tribe Influencer

Anele is a sobriety advocate who is active on social media. She hosts regular live interviews on Tribe Sober Instagram @tribesober called “I am Sober”. Her guests explain how they got sober and talk about the benefits of sobriety. Anele is also passionate about mental health and hosts regular discussion groups on women’s leadership and empowerment. Follow her on Instagram @ndlovu_anele.


Marketing Support

Monica began her sober journey with Tribe Sober in 2020.

After many attempts to ditch the drink for good she got it right in 2021.

Monica is from Cape Town but since getting sober decided that it was time for a new adventure and moved to Scotland with Nate, her 3 year old son a month before celebrating her 1st Soberversary.

Monica has turned her life from living trapped by alcohol to a whole new world of opportunity. She is passionate about sobriety and enjoys being involved with Tribe Sober where she gets to learn new skills and put her creativity to use.




Marketing & Campaign Co-ordinator

“Courage is the name my mother gave me; I believe she knew I would need to be brave for the struggles ahead. Born and raised in a township in Zimbabwe I am a proud product of a single mother that raised me from a minimum wage. My life has been a constant struggle as I come from humble beginnings. I repeated high school studies in South Africa in 2013 eager to pursue my dream to be educated and passed with an average of 70%.   I was granted a scholarship at the Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) to study a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  Since graduating from TSiBA I am studying further at UCT and working for Tribe Sober.”


UK Co-ordinator

Lucy is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who spent her whole career in the UK railway industry. Now retired, she farms a smallholding in Derbyshire, has rare breed Dales Ponies and a passionate interest in supporting wildlife. Lucy came to our first London Workshop in 2018 after reading Clare Pooley’s “The Sober Diaries”, and has not looked back since. Having found a wonderful and supportive community, she has stayed around and ‘paid it back’ by participating in both the Saturday ‘Zoom Cafe’, our online workshops and the ‘Sober Buddy’ programme.

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Tribe Sober Doctor

Judy is an anaesthetist in private practice with a special interest in substance abuse. She has seen firsthand just how devastating alcohol abuse can be. Judy is an essential member of our team since she became our Tribe Sober Doctor. She offers confidential advice to our members on a regular basis. She believes the answer is to create an alcohol-free life – and then do the work to make it a good life. That way people can recover their health and enjoy life again.

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Blogger for Tribe Sober

Janis a midlife mother of two boys, Jordan and Jean. She is married to Leon-Jacques, who is an ecologist. She’s also a writer and an environmental educator who presently works as a freelance writer and educator. Janis had her first drink when she was 16. Her parents drank a lot, so it was the norm. When she visited her parents as an adult, it was never ‘have tea or coffee’, it was always’ have a drink’! Janis only realised it was a family issue when her sister needed rehab to stop. With special thanks to Janet, she has been dry since 26 Dec 2015 and is now the ultimate health freak and has to deal with other habits she have developed as a sober woman!

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