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Tribe Sober is a safe, no-judgment space for anyone trying to moderate or quit alcohol.

We encourage people to see alcohol-free living as an aspirational and positive lifestyle choice.

It was founded by Janet Gourand in 2015.

We offer a subscription membership program, a Masterclass, 1-2-1 recovery coaching, alcohol free challenges and a friendly and supportive online community. We always recommend you start by becoming a Subscription Member so that you can get to know us and we can help you decide if you need any further support. Membership is very affordable & you can cancel at any time so try us out!
If you are drinking more than a bottle and a half of wine a week then you may be putting your health at risk.

We suggest that you start by taking out a subscription membership. You don’t even have to quit drinking straight away– we suggest you just listen and learn for a while and we guarantee you’ll get inspired! Learn from our international community who connect daily via our Whatsapp Forums, Zoom chats and weekly check ins at the Zoom Cafe. You’ll be sent a tracker and put on our 30 day Starter Challenge with online and community support. Get curious and see how many AF days you can manage out of 30. Membership will also give you access to our Member Journey training course – a treasure trove of inspiring content which will motivate and inform you from Day One to your first Soberversary.

Taking out a paid membership allows you to fully interact  with other members & be granted access to the Members Resources.  You will be able to participate in daily discussions in our Members’ Chat Forum and the weekly Zoom Cafe. Have access to all the resources in our Members only area, daily zoom chats . 

Tribe Sober is an investment – whereas the money you spend on alcohol each month is a cost!
Tribe Sober membership is an investment in your future health and happiness
Membership is very affordable
You can pay monthly subs or get a 20% discount by signing up for Annual Membership
Hit join our tribe to see membership fees in your local currency.
If you’re not quite convinced then we recommend that you try us out for a couple of months – if you decide we’re not for you then its super easy to cancel
You can sign up here.

The membership fees for Tribe Sober cover our costs and enable us to provide a consistent and highly valued service to all our members. We continually invest in our website, our training programs and the various platforms we need to support you on this life changing journey. We have 2 full time employees and 3 part timers – all passionate about sobriety and committed to the success of our members. We cap our membership at 400 to ensure that we can provide you with a personal service. Many of our members were spending a lot of money on alcohol so they are now saving money and enjoying their alcohol free lives! Unlike AA we don’t label you as an alcoholic or put you through a 12 step program – we treat you as an individual and tailor your journey accordingly. We don’t just focus on helping you quit – we take it one step further and enable you to thrive in your alcohol free life! Here at Tribe Sober we are passionate about sobriety and see alcohol free living as a positive lifestyle choice You can read more about the benefits of membership and sign up here
When logged into the website you can cancel anytime on your profile or simply email us at membership@nulltribesober.com and we will cancel your membership immediately.
Tribe Sober is here to help anyone struggling to manage his or her alcohol consumption. For the vast majority, quitting alcohol entirely is far easier than trying to “moderate”. Most of our members have crossed the line into dependence which means there is no going back – just going forward and putting all their energy into building a beautiful alcohol free life – a life they love and don’t want to escape from. However if you are trying to cut down we recommend you attend a Masterclass which will provide you with the information and motivation to drink within “low risk” limits. Even if you do want to moderate you’ll need at least 100 days of abstinence to reset your drinking patterns – and if you find your alcohol consumption creeping up again you may have to accept that you’ll have to quit. Many of our members were depressed about the prospect of quitting but now recognise that it’s the best decision they ever made! Please remember that the “low risk” limits are only a bottle and a half of wine (or 6 beers) a week. Drinking more than that may put your mental and physical health at risk.

We offer our signature Masterclass in 3 formats:

  • Masterclass Foundation - 3 hours of self study - work your way through a series of short videos and exercises with the aid of our workbook
  • Masterclass Live - Interact with other participants as Masterclass content is presented during a 4-hour live session led by Janet Gourand - follow up coaching session a week later
  • Masterclass Intensive - A deep dive into the science and psychology – via video, audio and written content - 12 hours of self study interspersed with 3 live 1.2.1 sessions
We have a Tribe Sober doctor who will answer your questions in confidence.
All personal information is confidential and not disclosed to anyone. Members will remain fully anonymous unless they choose to do share their information via our forums or website.