Tribe Sober is a safe, no-judgment space for anyone trying to moderate or quit alcohol.

We encourage people to see alcohol-free living as an aspirational and positive lifestyle choice.

It was founded by Janet Gourand in 2015.

We offer a subscription membership program, group workshops via Zoom, 1-2-1 recovery coaching, alcohol free challenges and a friendly and supportive online community.

We always recommend you start by becoming a Subscription Member so that you can get to know us and we can help you decide if you need any further support.

Membership is very affordable & you can cancel at any time so try us out!

If you are drinking more than a bottle and a half of wine a week then you may be putting your health at risk.

We suggest that you start by taking out a subscription membership.  That will immediately connect you with our community via our Chat Forum and Zoom Cafe. It will also link you to a 30 day alcohol free Challenge which will allow you to test your dependency as well as providing you with tips, tools and strategies to stay sober.  At the end of your 30 day Challenge we will contact you to discuss the next step.

Taking out a paid membership allows you to fully interact with the website and other members. You will be able to participate in daily discussions in our Members’ Chat Forum and the weekly Zoom Cafe.  Members have access 16 different types of support – please check out this page to read more.

Our subscription prices are very reasonable – Monthly or Annual Options – You can sign up here.

The annual membership fee for Tribe Sober is a nominal amount which enables us to provide a consistent and highly valued service to all our members.

We intend to keep investing in our website, interacting on our online forums as well as providing prompt answers to member queries.

As many of our members were spending a lot of money per week on alcohol they are actually saving money by joining us!

If you are truly in need and cannot afford the subs then email me at and tell me why you want to give up drinking and we will try to help

Read more about the benefits of membership and SIGN UP

When logged into the website you can cancel anytime on your profile or Simply email us at and we will cancel your membership immediately.

Tribe Sober is here to help anyone struggling to manage his or her alcohol consumption. For the vast majority, quitting alcohol entirely is far easier than trying to “moderate”.

However we welcome people at all stages of the journey and if you just want to cut down we recommend you attend a workshop which will provide you with the information and motivation to drink within “low risk” limits.

The “low risk” limits are a bottle and a half of wine (or 6 beers) a week.  Drinking more than that may put your mental and physical health at risk.

Please read more about the Workshops here

Our workshops work! Check out our Survey Results

We have a Tribe Sober doctor who will answer your questions in confidence.

All personal information is confidential and not disclosed to anyone. Members will remain fully anonymous unless they choose to do share their information via our forums or website.