If you are thinking about reducing or even quitting drinking alcohol then these are

some of the ways a Recovery Coach could help:


• Providing you with moral support as they travel alongside you on this journey – believing in you.

• Creating a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space where you can talk through your feelings, emotions and fears.

• Holding you accountable and ensuring you stay on track as you move towards the goals that you have set.

• Asking the right questions and offering reflections to help you reach clarity and understand why you do what you do.

• Providing practical advice based on their own experiences.

• Enabling you to discover a path which will provide your life with more joy and meaning.

Tribe Sober offers one complimentary session of recovery coaching to all new members and to anyone attending the New Beginnings workshop.

Coaching fee is R750 per hour with a discount for block bookings.

A minimum of four coaching sessions is recommended to bring about real and lasting change.

Our coaching takes place via Zoom. For availability and fee structure, please write to coaching@nulltribesober.com



As an HR Director, coaching was always in my skill set and I qualified as an Executive Coach in 1997 in the UK. Relocating to SA in 2003, I studied coaching further and received a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching in 2004.  I am also a life coach (bestyearyet.com) and in 2017 qualified as a Recovery Coach with the Federation of Recovery and Wellness Coaching.

I would define Recovery Coaching as follows:-

A recovery coach walks alongside her client during her recovery and then helps the client to discover more meaning in her life.

As with any other form of coaching, the Coach plays the role of the facilitator of change, but it is the Client’s responsibility to bring about the change.

As founder of Tribe Sober, most of my work is around Recovery Coaching, but the fact that I am also an Executive Coach and a Life Coach means that I can offer a unique blend of all three skills – according to the needs of the Client.

Some of my Clients approach me independently as they are reluctant to address their relationship with alcohol in a public workshop.  In that situation, we use the one to one coaching sessions to review the content of the public workshop together before crafting and tracking an individual action plan.  

As we offer a complimentary coaching session as part of the public workshop offering, I am always delighted to work with our workshop “graduates” – using our session to review the learnings from the workshop, as well as to refine and track the action plan.

My contact details are janet@nulltribesober.com or call me on +27 (0)722136064.


I chose to become a coach because coaching was immensely helpful to me in my recovery, as well as in finding my own true north.  

Together with Tribe Sober, it became the cornerstone to helping me think, reflect and navigate my way through obstacles and dysfunctional habits, enabling me to become more self-aware, as well as achieving goals that improved the quality of my life.  

Coaching provided me with the training to manage my thoughts, emotions, actions and therefore results. I discovered that my brain is my most powerful tool.

When coaching, I listen to what a person is saying, not only with their words, but also with their tone of voice and body language.  I coach the whole person – the mind, the heart and the body. The most important part of the coaching experience is to feel that it is a safe and confidential environment, as honesty is the key for both Coach and client in order for transformation to take place.

I have completed my Coach Practitioner Certification with the South African College of Applied Psychology, which is accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and COMENSA, which is the SAQA-recognised non-statutory professional body for coaching and mentoring in South Africa.

I have previous experience in Adult Basic Education at Liberty Life, Training and Development (Steinmueller) and Office Administration at DEG – German Development Finance Company.  

I am passionate about ongoing learning, mindfulness and the field of neuroscience in coaching.  Recently I completed an IFC accredited course through Coaches Rising on Neuroscience of Change 2020.  In August 2021 I was certified as an “Inner Mammal Trainer” with the Inner Mammal Institue.  I am also a member of Self Coaching Scholars at the Life Coach School

I also like attending Nia dance classes, as well as storytelling and family constellation workshops.

I offer one complementary 60 minute session for prospective Tribe Sober Members. Please feel free to contact me directly at coaching@nulltribesober.com or call me on +27 (0)82 929 5264.