A great way to test your dependence on alcohol, freshen up your looks and improve your general health.

Opens on 20th March & 1st September every Year

The #Sober66 Challenge lasts for 66 days, the length of time it takes to break a habit.

You can sign up any day March or September and community support will run for 66 days from the day you signed up.

Join our Tribe as an Annual Member and #sober66 is free

Your support will include:

This Challenge is open to all countries

Listen to podcast with Claire- How a 66 day challenge changed my life – link

Guest Blog – Adrienne The Dry Goods Beverage Company

Read Janet’s Blog 7 Reasons to do a Sober Spring- written for Sixty & Me

You can see Janet talking about the benefits of #Sober66 Challenge in this interview below.

Tribe Members Talking