Workshop Survey Results

Our first ‘New Beginnings’ workshop took place in November 2015. Whilst some of the content has evolved, the principle has remained: to create a safe, non-judgemental space for people to really talk about their relationship with alcohol, and to provide both an offline and an online support group when help is most needed.

Our workshop content helps participants to change their limiting beliefs around alcohol and provides them with a toolkit of strategies to help them on their journey.

I’m incredibly proud of the progress that’s been made by our Workshop attendees, and also of the strong bonds that have been created within the groups. We asked some of our Workshop Graduates to complete a short survey on their experiences and whether it helped them make any changes in their lives. We wrote to 295 people and got 84 responses. I am no statistician but I am told that is a very respectable sample!

I’m so grateful to everyone who responded. We had especially thoughtful comments and feedback which I’ve now responded to individually – so a sincere thank you again to all our Graduates. Without further ado, here are those results:

The main thing that the results and all the wonderful comments in the survey underlined for us was the power of community. The realisation that we are not alone in this gives us the courage and confidence to change our relationship with alcohol.

We have decided to put even more emphasis on community by putting our subscription membership at the very heart of Tribe Sober. Rather than just offering workshops, challenges or recovery coaching our first step will be to bring people in to our community and get to know them better so we can recommend the next step.