The 5 Horses

Tribe Sober coach Lynette explains her “5 horse”  theory.  Serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine,  cortisol and endorphins are the 5 brain chemicals that make us happy.

The Science Behind Alcohol Dependency

Janet talks about the science behind alcohol dependency and how a few decades of drinking can actually rewire your brain.  On a more optimistic note, she touches on how we can change that.  Inspired by an article from Ken M. Middleton that you can read here.

3 Years Sober and Thriving

Tribe Sober coach, Lynette, tells us more about her sober journey and the 3 unexpected benefits she discovered along the way – watch this Facebook Live video and learn more!

About Tribe Sober

How my alcohol dependency led me to creating Tribe Sober which will enable people to develop tools to support their journey to sobriety as well as becoming part of a community

Sober Spring and Your Health

Janet talks about the 8 benefits of taking a break from alcohol. From sleep deprivation to cancer – alcohol has negative effects on our mind and bodies.

Why Taking a Break From Alcohol is so Powerful

Our Tribe Sober coach, Lynette, talks about why taking a break from alcohol is so powerful.  It is so important to push the reset button from time to time, so that we can give our mind and bodies time to find new ways to cope, without reaching for a drink.


Moderating Alcohol

Janet paints a picture of a moderator – alcohol isn’t on the moderators mind.  We think we can learn how to moderate, but the problem with this kind of thinking is that it keeps you in a trap.


Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, as Freud believed, or a quest for power, as Alfred Adler taught. But a quest for meaning in his or her life (Victor E Frankl).  Lynette takes us through her experience on finding purpose.

Tribe Sober Launch

Tribe Sober Launch – How we went from World Without Wine to Tribe Sober and how it works.

Are You a Grey Area Drinker?


Alcoholism is a spectrum – between the hardcore “alcoholic” and the non-drinker there are millions of us – some are “grey area drinkers” – are you?



Cape Town’s First Dry Bar…

WorldWithoutWine team went to check out Cape Town’s first ever pop-up Dry Bar on Valentine’s night – it was great fun – let’s hope we get a permanent Dry Bar very soon!

Thanks to media ninja Linda and son Oli for producing this little movie…


The Mocktail Series: Series 1, Episode 5

In the last of our Mocktail Series Linda and Jorja tackle a “Mint Julep” – we hope you have enjoyed the series and will try out some of the recipes…


Mocktails in May Series 1 Episode 1

Tribe Sober team decided it was time to get creative and try our hand at Mocktails.

Media Ninja, Linda, and budding Vlogger, Jorja, got together to give it their best shot…

Watch this space over the next few weeks to catch all their “delicious” recipes.

Mocktail Number 1 is a “Shirley Temple”…


Soso’s Story – Youth to Yogi

Another little clip from the video we made to celebrate the success of our Dry January Challenge fund-raising.

Soso’s story begins as one of Earthchild’s first little yogi’s and now – ten years later – she has yoga classes of her own to teach…

“Earthchild Project is a Non-Profit Organisation operating in disadvantaged schools in Cape Town, South Africa. Working with children and teachers our educational programmes focus on the environment, health and life skills. We teach practical skills such as yoga, mindfulness & organic gardening to over 3500 children and 300 teachers.

Earthchild Project aims to inspire a new generation of healthy, confident and conscious young leaders.”

Dry January Challenge Funds Yoga In Khayelitsha

A big thank you to all our donors who gave up alcohol for our Dry January Challenge and donated the money they would have spent on booze to Earthchild.

We raised R30,000 – 50% more than our target – check out the video to see how your money will be spent…



What is a Dry January Challenge?

Dry January is a custom of abstaining from alcohol for the month of January, particularly practiced in the United Kingdom. The custom, as a formal entity, appears to be relatively recent, being described as having “sprung up in recent years”  as recently as 2014.

Dry January started in 2013 with 4,000 people. It’s come a long way since then, with over 100,000 signing up and 4 million taking part in 2020.

Tribe Sober Launch Party

Watch this video from our Tribe Sober launch party on 10th December 2015. Held at the fabulous Cafe Issi on Bree Street we were joined by 50 guests, Fiona McCosh from Sober & Sexy as well as 4 manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages.


Melinda Ferguson Talks Booze & Drugs…

Bestselling author, Melinda Ferguson, kindly gave Tribe Sober an exclusive interview at the Cape Town launch of her new book “Crashed”.

Check out her advice about dealing with people who try to pressure you into having “just one drink”…


Melinda Ferguson is the senior feature writer for True Love magazine. Shortlisted for several prestigious awards, including the Revlon Woman of Courage, she devotes her time to writing and speaking publicly about her battle with drug addiction and raising her sons.

Smacked: A Harrowing True Story of Addiction and Survival is the raw account of Ferguson’s relationship with heroin and crack cocaine. She tells of her headlong tumble into an addiction which robbed her of everything she cared about. For six years, she was driven by one motivating force: the next hit. For this, she would abandon her promising film-making career, lose her comfortable suburban home, her husband, her two children, and, in a grueling finale of remorseless self-destruction, herself.

Rescued from the maw of Hillbrow’s drug and prostitution underworld, Melinda not only survived, but recovered to tell the story of how an intelligent, middle-class young woman from Jo’burg hit rock bottom, face first, and clawed her way back to redemption.

Sober and Sexy Calendar Launch

On 29th September photographer Fiona McCosh launched her stunning Sober & Sexy calendar at Cafe Issi in Cape Town. Proceeds go to the Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre. Janet Gourand from Tribe Sober and cameraman Linda Siboto were there to record the event.




Recovery Walk. Cape Town, September 2015

The First Recovery Walk

Join us for the first Recovery Walk in Cape Town which takes place on Heritage Day, Thursday 24th September 2015.

Gather at 14h30 at Green Market Square, cnr Burg St and Longmarket St.
The Recovery Walk begins at 15h00 (Approx 35 mins walk) Destination Labia Theatre, 68 Orange Street.
Free Boerie roll and mocktail to the first 50 walkers!
Free Viewing of “The Anonymous People” courtesy of
the South African Recovery Film Festival which opens in the evening.

The Recovery Walk is being organised by a group of individuals in long-term recovery, or who are supportive of recovery, from addiction in its various forms.

Why a Recovery Walk?

The point of the Recovery Walk is to raise awareness of substance use disorders (drug addiction and alcoholism) and RECOVERY from addiction. It is to challenge the stigma and shame that surrounds addiction in all its forms and to show that there is a solution.

We walk to celebrate the achievements of individuals in Recovery.

We walk to acknowledge the importance of the work of the prevention, treatment, and recovery service providers in South Africa.

We walk to acknowledge local community groups that work with people suffering from the disease of addiction.

Bring banners and posters to further our visibility.

Celebrating its 26th year in 2015, September is International Recovery Month. As Recovery communities in the world we are encouraged to walk to be visible and show our support for Recovery from Addiction.

Recovery from addiction is a lived reality in millions of people’s lives.


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