This 21 day Lockdown is not going to be easy for anybody but it will save many thousands of lives. If we spend the Lockdown drowning our sorrows we are going to end up with a weakened immune system, high levels of anxiety and an increased dependence on alcohol.

Rather think outside the box and use this opportunity to re-configure your life. Our usual routines have been completely disrupted so it’s an ideal time to try new and radical things – like a few weeks of alcohol-free living!
If you’ve been wanting to change your relationship with alcohol then there has never been a better time to do it.  Whether you want to drink less or quit altogether there is no doubt that a 3-week break from the booze will benefit your physical and mental health.  Check out this blog to see why an alcohol free lockdown makes so much sense.
So we’ve created the 21-day Lockdown Challenge which will provide you with online and community support for 21 alcohol free days. Every day you will receive an email full of tips, tools and motivation to get you through the day.
In a world of social distancing we need our online communities more than ever so we have created the Lockdown Challenge WhatsApp group enabling you to connect with others challengers.
The Challenge is absolutely free – sign up now and you could just emerge from this crisis as a stronger and healthier person! Just email to request the 21 daily emails – include your cellphone number if you want to join the WhatsApp group.