Take a Break!

If you are not yet ready to commit to quitting alcohol then why not give your liver a holiday and “take a break” for 30 days

If you are wondering if there are any health benefits to an alcohol-free month then you need to check out THIS ARTICLE

Quite apart from the health benefits, taking a break will give you a chance to see how dependent you may have become, recognise your “triggers” and learn some strategies to make a change.

If you struggle to get through an alcohol free month then you probably need to attend one of our WORKSHOPS.

“Take a Break” costs just R250 we will support you for 30 days by sending you a daily motivational email full of tips, tools and advice to keep you on track

If you wish we will also add you to our chat group and our private FB group so you can interact with others on the challenge

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best regards

janet gourand