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Conversations With Janis
Swap Wine for Coffee

  Choose the Aromas of Roasted Beans Over the Bouquets of Chardonnay This is the year of awakening and enlightenment – it’s time to swap

Wine Stole My Dreams with Molly Desch

  By the time single mom Molly Desch was in her thirties she was hitting the alcohol hard. Newly divorced, she dived into the online

Shifting Boundaries in Sobriety
Conversations With Janis
Shifting Boundaries in Sobriety

I want to talk about shifting boundaries in sobriety. Getting sober is not for the faint-hearted if drinking has been part of your life for

Guest Blogs
Hypnotherapy and Alcohol

Belinda Roxburgh My relationship with wine has been a long one with many ups and downs, makeups and breakups. I have always been fit and