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Conversations With Janis
Mindful Drinking – and Eating

  Mindful – mind + full = being present. Mindfulness is about being present. Forgetting the past. Leaving the future alone.  Just being here, now.

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Let’s Call Time, Mommy Juice!

  President Ramaphosa has done it again! He’s banned alcohol and put us all back in lockdown… These days many South Africans have a “lockdown

Conversations With Janis
Are YOU Sober Curious?

The term Sober Curious is curiously trending right now. I have yet to find myself enamored with the term. I mean, you are either sober,

42. Six Years Sober – How I Did It!

Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life! This weekend is a special one for me – my sixth soberversary! So I’m talking about my six