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Conversations With Janis
Moderation in Drinking Alcohol is a Farce!

  Alcohol consumption has been a part of human culture for centuries, but so has the debate on how much is too much. In recent

Conversations With Janis
Fading Affect Bias FAB) – and Moderation

  It’s a Saturday morning. You wake up. You look around you. You feel hot. What is the time? Geez, it’s almost midday? What was

Conversations With Janis
Learning from a Relapse – With Dan

“Getting sober is not necessarily easy, but it truly offers the best life you can have. Alcohol does nothing but dull and confuses your mind.”

Sober Short – Play the Movie Forward

  Tribe Sober – inspiring an alcohol-free life! Welcome to our fifth “Sober Short” – an interim mini podcast to supplement the weekly Tribe Sober

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7 Things I Know About Moderating Alcohol

“To Be or Not To Be” was Hamlet’s dilemma as he contemplated suicide. The Big Question for people who come along to our workshops is: