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Janet as Guest Podcasts
Not-Quite Alcoholics Podcast

Not-Quite Alcoholics  – Listen here  In this episode, I’m joined by Janet Gourand, the founder of Tribe Sober, a community of people changing their relationship

Janet as Guest Podcasts
Getting Sober over 60 Podcast

Getting Sober over 60 – Listen here  Whether you’ve been drinking for decades or picked up the bottle in midlife, it’s never too late to

Janet as Guest Podcasts
Into the Light Podcast

Into the Light Podcast  – Listen here  We drink alcohol to escape our reality. We use drugs to escape our reality. I explore the trauma

Janet as Guest Podcasts
Now Sober Podcast

Now Sober Podcast – Listen here  In this Episode: In this episode of Back Porch Chats, we talk to Janet Gourand who struggled with alcohol

Janet as Guest Podcasts
Naked Life Story – Janet G

  So often our society, culture, and those around us tell us that drinking regularly is normal. This is no different for this week’s guest.