Our Sober Spring Challenge is a great way to test your dependence on alcohol, freshen up your health and kickstart your general health.

If it’s not Spring where you live then join us for a Sober Autumn 😉

The Sober Spring Challenge lasts for 66 days, the length of time it takes to break a habit. 

You can sign up anyday during September and your support will run for 66 days from the day you signed up.

(Sign up before September 1st and we’ll start your support on 1st September)

Your support will include:-

Join the challenge
  • An invitation to our Sober Spring WhatsApp group to connect you to other Challengers

  • 66 Daily mails, full of tips, tools and strategies to keep you on track

  • Access to 66 mini podcasts – daily encouragement

  • An invitation to our private Facebook group

  • 66 Day Tracker for your alcohol free days

  • 10% discount off alcohol-free drinks from DrinkNil.co.za (SA only)

  • Copy of Ebook 66 Days to sobriety

This Challenge is open to all countries

You can see Janet talking about the benefits of Sober Spring in this interview below.


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