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Restaurant Watch

Restaurants make most of their profits from alcohol sales but that doesn’t mean that non-drinkers should be treated like second class citizens. We are embarking on an arduous tour of all our favourite restaurants to check out just what alcohol free drinks are on offer. We will also be taking our de-alcoholised wine with us to see if anybody has the temerity to charge us “corkage”. Watch this space and we will be posting our reports very soon. If you would like to send in a restaurant review then please address is to janet@nulltribesober.com

Butcher Shop & Grill

Just as I used to be an “almost alcoholic,” these days I am “almost vegetarian” so when Husband announced he fancied a decent steak I was not enthusiastic but went along for the ride.

The Butcher Shop & Grill in Mouille Point seemed like a good choice so off we went, clutching our bottle of Lautus de-alcoholised wine.

The restaurant was empty and we were greeted by several smiley waiters.

The smiles wavered when we showed them our bottle and one of the waiters announced he would have to consult with “management.”

Management was not only unimpressed with our beverage but didn’t even come to talk to us…

The message was simply that we would have to pay R50 “corkage” even though they had absolutely nothing to offer as a non-alcoholic alternative.

Ambiance – very smart with beautiful sea views but lack of vibe, due to lack of customers – 6/10

Service – very slick but no genuine interest in the customers – waiters more interested in chatting to each other – 5/10

Food – excellent – steak really tender – 9/10

Alcohol-Free – no AF choices on menu and R50 corkage fee – 4/10





I thought I would start off this new section with a review of one of my favourite Cape Town restaurants. One of the reasons it was a hot favourite with me is that when I was shopping in V & A Waterfront I could just pop in for a “glass of wine”.  The wine would arrive in a carafe together with a huge glass (at least 4 units) so the restaurant served me well when I was still “in denial” about my drinking!


Ambiance – excellent – although by the sea, it is in the V & A Mall with absolutely no view. However it has a great vibe which I can only describe as “New York Deli” 9/10

Service – excellent – swift and smiley 9/10

Food – excellent – super fresh sushi and fish dishes 9/10

Alcohol-Free – one listing on menu (ega rooibos?) apart from usual “soft drinks” – asked manager who explained they had an “arrangement” with Fairview so they “had” to offer their wines. We asked if we could bring our own AF wine and he said “sure.” He seemed bemused by the whole exchange and as a parting shot he laughed and said, “We won’t even charge you corkage!” (which I thought was quite funny until I visited the next restaurant which did charge us R50 corkage for our AF wine – watch this space) 5/10



One week later we returned to Willoughby’s clutching bottle of Lautus – no sign of the manager we had chatted with last week but charming waiter brought us an ice bucket and calmly took our order.  So I think we must upgrade their AF score to 7/10. To get a 10 they need to actually stock some AF choices!



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