It’s hugely important to keep track of your journey – that’s why we designed our Annual Tracker. Sure you can track your progress on your phone but there is something about having one sheet of paper that summarises the whole year that works for many of our members. Mark every single alcohol free day on your tracker – and should you slip up – mark it on the tracker – and get right back on the sober bus the very next day.. This will give you perspective so that after a few months you can review your progress – and even if it’s not perfect you should see your “Sober Stretches” getting longer. Make sure you claim and display your milestone badges as you reach them… especially in the early days – those first few milestones are by far the hardest, the early days are long and difficult and no milestone is too small to take pride in. Every milestone should be celebrated – it will give you a dopamine hit and the energy to continue. We look forward to seeing your Milestone Badges in the Forum! Download your tracker right now and start using it today – we’ll be asking you to share a weekly screenshot in the Forum on Screenshot Saturdays!