The Power of Journalling starts on 28th August for 5 days – on a private facebook group

Keeping a journal is one of the top tools in the Sobriety Toolkit that we share at our workshops.

Sometimes people say to us “but I’m not a writer – I wouldn’t know where to start!”

What is a writer?

Writers’ are simply those who scribble, those who jot things down (as opposed to drink, exercise or chat) their way out of discomfort.

That’s why daily journalling is such a vital practice to enable us to quit drinking and then to go on and thrive in our sobriety.

Journalling allows us to explore our thoughts, emotions, and experiences – reducing anxiety and providing a sense of relief.

It’s a valuable self-care practice that complements other aspects of a comprehensive recovery program.

So for those who’d like some help getting started with this life changing habit we’ve created a 5 day course.

If you already keep a journal then come join the conversation!

Every day there will be a Facebook Live and you will be set a task – to write a short piece and post it in the Facebook Group.

During the day we’ll be posting feedback on your writing in the group.

On Day 5 you’ll be invited to a Zoom meeting so we can hear your feedback and enjoy a group session.

All Facebook Lives will be recorded to suit your timezone and schedule.

Running the group will be Mon, Janet, Lucy and Lynette – read about them here

Sign up now and we will send you a link to join the Facebook Group

  • Day 1 – The Power of Journalling 

  • Day 2 – Journal your Why list 

  • Day 3 – Journal Prompts

  • Day 4 – Journalling your Feelings

  • Day 5 – Janet – Zoom meeting 

  • Copy of Ebook 66 Days to sobriety