Membership Frequently asked Questions

We launched our Subscription Membership Programme to make Tribe Sober more accessible to a wider audience.

Here are the five most common questions people ask before signing up.

If you have ever tried moderating or quitting alcohol, you will know that it’s extremely difficult to do it alone.

That’s why the first thing we do is connect you to other people via our WhatsApp Group and weekly Zoom sessions – safe and supportive spaces where you will find empathy and encouragement.  We also put you straight on a 30 day alcohol free challenge – a great way to test your dependence and identify your triggers.

At the end of your challenge, we contact you to see how you did and to offer our ongoing support via our monthly tracking system.

As a member you will be invited to join our monthly coffee meet-ups and hikes – all great ways to put faces to names and to ensure that you feel part of a welcoming and warm community with a common purpose.

For confidential medical queries and advice you will have access to our very own Tribe Sober Doctor – Dr Judy.

When you have been alcohol-free for a year we encourage you to write a “Goodbye to Alcohol Letter” and to help others by becoming a Sober Buddy and “Paying it Forward”.

For more information about our 8 stage approach and to sign up, just click here.

To gain the immediate benefit of connecting with our community, we recommend you become a subscription member first. In this way, you can join our Members WhatsApp Group – people who will be with you during your 30 day challenge.

The workshops are fantastic if you find the 30 day challenge tough and recognise you need some extra support.

A workshop will raise your awareness and give you the tools you need – tools to change your relationship with alcohol and then to stay on track.

A workshop will introduce you to other people on the same path – people who will be your Sober Buddies and Support Group going forward.

As a subscription member you will qualify for a R250 discount on your workshop ticket. The workshop content will inspire you and ongoing membership will provide you with all the support and information you need to implement what you have learned and to stay on track.

Tribe Sober is a social enterprise. Our aim is to enable as many people as possible to change their relationship with alcohol. The subscription fees are therefore used to ensure a consistent service to our members. The fees are also used to build and maintain the momentum of our marketing so that we reach more people who need our support.

We’ve tried hard to make our subscriptions very affordable. Monthly subs come to just R75 (£4 or $5), Annual subs are R750 (£34 or $40).

Simply email us at We will cancel your membership immediately.

Absolutely yes. The workshop will provide you with tips, tools and techniques to change your relationship with alcohol. Your Tribe Sober membership will ensure that you implement what you have learned and also give you the benefit of on-going connectivity and accountability.

What’s more, you may well find yourself helping those who are struggling with alcohol. Playing this role is immensely rewarding.

In short, sticking with Tribe Sober is not only an investment in your own wellbeing but will enable you to find more purpose and meaning in your life as you help others and “pay it forward”.

More information and sign up link is HERE