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  • Profile picture of Janis
    Active 13 hours, 22 minutes ago

    I am a middle-aged but very young at heart mother of 2 boys who gave up wine in 2015! It had been part of my life since I had my first sip at age 16 and I decided enough is enough! Life is so full without wine: yoga, walking, hiking, swimming, exploring the Cape, accompanying my boys on their fishing/swimming/spearfishing jaunts and treating myself to coffees with girlfriends. I love blogging for Tribe Sober, I design lesson plans for a private school in the Northern Suburbs and I teach environmental studies and blogging at another private school here in the South. I did teach Kids Yoga at one stage and I tutor primary school kids too. I aim to be more involved with this wonderful sober movement and, to this end, I am doing my Recovery Coaching course!

  • Profile picture of Sue
    Active 21 hours, 58 minutes ago

    My first day of non drinking was 16th April 2016 & I have never looked back. I was really ready to stop for good.                                                                                                                   I was born in London , moved to Jhb in 1991 with my 4 month old son to join my family. Now my son & myself are last man standing with my parents , younger brother & his family all being back in Uk. My other brother in Aus. Not sure where I will end up - probably back in UK but not until I am much older. I connected with Janet Early 2018 when she was just starting her membership programme with WWW when I was looking for an alternative to AA.I could nto see my self as a "recovering alcholic"  for the rest of my life. I am just someone who does not drink now.  As Tribe Sober now things have come a long way with a new website offering so much to our members. I love that we still have VIP members from the start of the subscription programme who stick around & pay it forward in helping others. I love it when people finally "get it "  and embrace the AF life  , no longer yearning for a drink . I love being involved with TS , Janet & all the wonderful people in our tribe.    

  • Profile picture of Susanne D'Arcy
    Active 1 day, 12 hours ago

  • Profile picture of Nik
    Active 1 day, 23 hours ago

    Its incredible that I stumbled on the Alcohol Free community two years ago... I didn't even think it was a movement or a possibility! I have been on my sober journey since October 2019 and EVERYTHING has changed. I would never have thought life without wine would be so much better... or even possible.

  • Profile picture of Jenny Rose
    Active 2 days, 9 hours ago

  • Profile picture of Janet G
    Active 2 days, 18 hours ago

    Hello everyone I used to drink far too much - and now I don't. I am not an "alcoholic" and I don't believe in labels. I finally ditched the drink on May 23rd 2015 and after a tough first year my life completely changed.  I lost weight and regained my energy and creativity.  I also had so much time on my hands that I created Tribe Sober because I wanted to help other people to thrive in their alcohol free life. Janet x

  • Profile picture of Judy
    Active 6 days, 3 hours ago

  • Profile picture of Annick
    Active 6 days, 12 hours ago

    I am 64 and am very happy to have found this Tribe. I grew up with an alcoholic mum. It was sometimes not easy to adapt to the chances of mood she was going through according to how much she had drunk.  I was very protective of her and rescued her several times from suicide.  She went to AA and managed to quit drinking for a few years. Unfortunately, at the age of 70  she relapsed and took her own life. When I was young, I had decided that, never in my life was I going to be like my mom and would not drink. Later on, at the age of 38, I remarried and started drinking a bit of wine here and there.  My husband and his family were very festive a good drinkers. It was a lot of fun for me to discover this new environment.  Bit by bit, I started drinking more and more wine . Being an introvert I soon realised it also helped cope with social situations I usually felt uncomfortable in. I actually never thought of quitting during all these years because everyone around me was drinking.  Even if mornings were difficult, I would drink at least a bottle of wine a night and more at the weekend.  And I managed to cope with the job , the household, the kids and everything else. It's only in since 2019, when my husband left me that I realised I was drinking alone and that the bottle had become my companion. I tried to quit by myself several times but would never succeed. I would blame myself for having no willpower.  I went to see a counsellor and a psychiatrist to ask for help. They told me to reduce my wine intake and drink mindfully. That would work for a few days but no more. I used to look up every day "Am I an alcoholic?" on Google.  I sure didn't want to become like my mom.  So ,one day I googled "how to quit drinking" in French (mother tongue) but couldn't find anything; then googled it in English and found the 30 day experiment by Annie Grace. That was very helpful and at the same time I read William Porter's books, Alcohol Explained 1 and 2.   Managed to quit for 30 days! Soon, the wine witch came to tell me I could have a drink or 2 now that I was so strong and back I fell into  the booze!  So, I went on and off until September when I heard Janet being interviewed by William Porter. At the end of the interview, I had a pfew mind set shift and I knew it would be great for me.  Since then I have not had a drop of wine. VERY PROUD!

  • Profile picture of Georgette
    Active 1 week ago

    I am pleased to have found Tribe Sober. It seems like a very supportive group.  I live on the far west coast of Canada. So when it is 4.30 pm SA time it is 7:30 am the previous day for me! I am 62 years old. I have been married for 39 years, with three grown children and three grand children. They all live within about 1-3 hours of where I live. In particular since about aged 55 I have been a nightly drinker for many years, with some brief times off. It really increased after my mother died in 2004. Usually it was wine and I did not drink until later in the evening, nearly always alone.  It seemed to increase and I began to gain weight (attributed to menopause but really it was from the drink). Now I am facing borderline high blood pressure and some other ailments that I believe will greatly improve from being sober. I am a social worker by profession. I work 3-4 days a week and have a very busy professional private counselling service. I am also an adjunct professor at a local college. Sometimes I have held 3-4 different jobs or contracts at once and seem to keep busy - often way too busy. I think that this speaks to trying to deal with a very poor sense of self worth.   I also have been very lonely in my relationship, which should have probably ended some years ago. Mostly I feel very unsupported and criticized. My partner and I have literally nothing in common other than our children. I was a full time stay at home mom for 14 years, then I went back to university at 42. I did a Bachelors, then a Master's degree and got top honours.  I became the executive director of a non profit Women's Resource Centre for 10 years, working very hard and really enjoying it but got quite burnt out.  I have a very good professional life, am involved with community causes, yet feel very alone. I go home to a house that is mostly silent, feeling very disconnected. I know lots of people but don't feel I have many close friends. Most of my friends assume that I am busy with my husband so  I feel I don't get included in many activities for that reason. I do go out and do activities on my own as my husband is not at all social, is probably social phobic, and that has become worse since COVID. I don't have anyone whom I would share my sober journey with, which is why I joined Tribe Sober.  I really need to be connected and believe that will help me stay on the sober bus. I stopped drinking in August and so far I have been doing very well but I want to keep doing what I need to continue with my choice of having a sober life. I want to be healthier and feel calmer and confident and connected.   Thank you for reading.  

  • Profile picture of Caity
    Active 1 week, 2 days ago

  • Profile picture of ROS
    Active 1 week, 2 days ago

    Hi everybody so pleased to be here, my name is Ros and I am one week into Tribe Sober and cannot remember feeling this positive and proud.  I am (was!!) a red wine drinker, preferably by the bottle and on an empty stomach worked best for me.  I am married to a fellow Brit and we have been living in Spain CDS for the last 35 years but met working  in Corfu Greece  in 1973. Spent a couple of years in Mexico  and also worked for a couple of years in Florida.   I have been trying and trying and trying again, but this time, with the help of everyone in the Tribe I will make it, I have too.

  • Profile picture of Belinda Roxburgh
    Active 1 week, 4 days ago

    Hello and well done for finding this great space! Having spent my whole life knowing that alcohol was not good for me, I have wasted much time feeling bad about it, planning to stop as well as stopping and starting over and over again. Only since discovering Tribe Sober have I been inspired to become completely alcohol free. Over three years now and the freedom is awesome!! Huge gratitude for this new way of living life. ❤️

  • Profile picture of Janet D (UK)
    Active 1 week, 4 days ago

  • Profile picture of Flic
    Active 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    I used to drink a bottle of wine a night!!  And felt almost nothing!!!  My  journey of discovery with this tribe since 29 August 2020 is full of joy, clear-headedness, energy, discovery, humour, learning, compassion, understanding .......... and so much more!!!! A) BECOMING A MEMBER OF WORLD WITHOUT WINE (WWW) AND THE SOBER SPRING CHALLENGE: The Sober Spring Challenge was the "let's get out of the starting blocks" for me.  During the Challenge, I learnt so many things, and some of these are: 1) I am not alone, 2) I am not as much of a failure as I thought that I was, 3) I am capable of feeling energetic and purposeful again, 4) this is doable beyond 30 days, 5) 66 days to break a habit, and to create a new neural pathway, 6) moderation was not going to be possible for me. B) THE WORKSHOP: Absolutely what I needed to embed the learning that Janet, Lynette, Lucy, Sue and other beautiful tribe members had shared during the Sober Spring Challenge.  The Toolkit from the workshop was perfectly timed, and it was absolutely brilliant in terms of getting head and heart (body, mind and spirit) to stop having arguments with each other! C) HYPNOTHERAPY: The timing of the sessions with the very talented Belinda Roxburgh after the workshop was also serendipitous.  Belinda's talent, perceptiveness, compassion, empathy and assistance with goal-setting was SO encouraging, and it was such an amazing journey of discovery (despite my initial skepticism!!) D) COACHING: the one-with-one sessions with the lovely and gifted Lynette le Roux were also perfectly timed.  Accepting that I had somehow lost an ability that I had to "lean in" on my emotions (because alcohol had made it easier to not do that!!), and that I could start to embrace "leaning in" once again has been so cathartic.  Such a joy to be able to surf the emotional waves (big ones, small ones, ones that get to the shore, and even those that try to dump me) has been a wonderful journey. I've got a long way to go, and I rejoice daily that I can journey with this tribe - now called Tribe Sober - thank-you all, and especially thank-you to Janet for having the vision, passion, skill and talent to bring this to what we all can embrace.

  • Profile picture of Deb Clarke
    Active 3 weeks ago

    Hello I live in Australia I am a mother and grandmother I got sober in 2004 to prove to my son that I didn’t have a problem because I wasn’t on a park bench . Like most people I don’t like being told what to do. Grateful for the people that thought that this was a fad for me because it kept me going in the early days proving them wrong . I love living a life that I don’t have to wipe myself out to escape from Living life can have its challenges but I do find that you become what you surround yourself with and not picking up a drink is easy Keeping a check on my thinking is the tough thing at times          

  • Profile picture of Robin
    Active 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hello Tribe! I'm happy to have joined this group. I've been listening to the Tribe Sober podcasts for a while (besides other sober podcasts, reading many sober blogs, quit lit, etc) and with today being my "Day 60" as a nondrinker I decided that with the euphoria of those first 60 days of sobriety waning and the stresses of life mounting and that nasty voice in my head (I've named her 'Liz' after the "Lizard Brain" podcast) has been coming to visit every day for the last few days, it was time to gather together with other like-minded individuals. I have an compassionate spouse and understanding friends, but they aren't going through this journey, they never have, so they truly can't identify with what I'm going through. My first taste of alcohol was as a little kid, my grandfather would crack open a beer and who ever was closest got the foam off the top.  Fast forward to late teens and trying to be cool: drinking, throwing up; college years: drinking, throwing up, drinking, stupid regrettable things, throwing up. 20's the single work years: happy hours, drinking, throwing up...I see a pattern. Gosh if that doesn't prove that alcohol is a toxin I don't know what does. By my 30's-40's-50's, ah the grown-up years of drinking, the tolerance increased as did the amount of booze consumed. Now in this season of the late 50's I realized I'm down to the last - third(?) quarter(?) - of life and how am I going to live it? I decided it's not going to be with the crutch of alcohol. I eat healthy, I exercise, I live cleanly, why am I drinking a toxic substance? And here I am. 60 days sober. Day 1 in Tribe Sober community. Hello all, I'm glad to be here. ~Robin 🙂  

  • Profile picture of Jenny B
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  • Profile picture of Merleen von Caues
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