“The best thing I have ever done is ditching the drink. I can now focus on my mental health. No rehab or a psychologist have helped me with my drinking problem. Tribe Sober is a saviour!” Margaret

I had had no idea what I was missing before! Connection absolutely is the opposite of addiction, and this interaction which I was so scared of initially has made all the difference. The totally non-judgemental, fun and empathic environment has been a joy Sarah

“Today I celebrate 2 years of sobriety! Thank you Janet for this wonderful initiative and I hope many more will find this group.” Maritje

“I cannot tell you how much support I get every single day from this remarkable group. I did it for my children, they deserve more than having a drunk mother around every evening.” Natalie

“The session with Janet was a big step. I recognised the insanity of my addiction. The ground did not open up and swallow me. It was just ‘what’s the next step?’  Ellen

“I’m 54 days alcohol-free. I’m clear-headed and just exhilarated. So frikkin’ proud of myself and realising just how much my depression has lifted. I’m so grateful for this Tribe!” Di

I did the August Sober Sprint after having stopped drinking on 28th July, then continued with the Kickstart online course.I check in to Saturday Zoom Cafe most weeks, go to the monthly coffee meetups , reading blogs and emails, listening to podcasts, reading the quit lit – Tribe Sober has nailed it for me Fran

“If it wasn’t for Janet, I would be in a scary place right now. It was such a slippery slope and I only just saw that once I had gone off it.’ Beth

“I’m loving the podcasts! They are brilliant and have encouraged me to get going again. Thank you!” Mary Jane

Sober Spring 2018 changed my life!! celebrating the gifts of sobriety- a brain that works well,time clarity, self trust and consistency- my Degree completed- thank you Janet & Tribe Sober – We are the lucky ones – Nicole

“I nearly lost my family, my everything, as I continued to drink. I’m so thankful for Janet  and all of you who have kept me on the sober bus.” Jane

“I really am stunned at how much I don’t miss or crave alcohol. I’m much more present and no more time is wasted on being hungover and feeling guilty.” Nicky

“1 year today! I’m over the moon with myself and so grateful for this change in my life.” Annie

“This community has contributed immensely to this lost soul finding her way home. I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and I have found myself again!” Laura

“Thank you Tribe for being the best support for anyone making changes to their drinking habits. After battling secondary infertility, I just found out I’m pregnant and I’m convinced it is due to my drastic lifestyle change.” Verlaine

I am a 52 year old who has drunk white wine since I can remember with very few break. Also 1- 2 bottles a night , just because …. I jouned TS after the sprint in August. Going on 78 days. The knowledge, support, advice and acceptance is phenomenal. Try attending all the live Facebook sessions. I did and i was lucky to win a free annual membership Laura

Joining Tribe Sober just over a year ago has been literally life changing for me, and I am beyond grateful for the help and support I have found Ros

“Just browsing the feed and it is so beautiful to see the positivity. You can do this! I promise, it gets easier every day!”Edelgard

The tribe zooms have carried me through the tough times. It just helps knowing that you’ll have a safe space to unpack your struggles. The sober journey does not have to be lonely and isolated. You will become a better version of YOU. You really will. Trust me Bongi


It’s time to get excited!

Ditch the booze and discover your superpower

As featured in:

Work with us, ditch the booze and you will:-

Reduce your anxiety and improve your mental health

Lose weight and freshen up your looks!

Improve your physical health and get more energy

Better quality sleep and more energy

Reconnect with who you really are and what you want out of life

Find freedom, peace of mind and joy

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Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

Don’t wait for 11 years – join Tribe Sober today!

Monica struggled with severe alcohol dependence for years.
She joined Tribe Sober, had 84 Day Ones in her first year but with our support she nailed it – now thriving in her alcohol free life since 2020!

Does this sound like you?

High functioning but worried about your drinking

Been trying (and failing) to “moderate” for years

Know you have to make a change but no idea HOW

Don’t want to go to AA meetings

Sick and tired and feeling…sick and tired

Let us help you to put down your glass –
and take up your Superpower!


Included in your Tribe Sober Membership:-

Personal support – membership capped at 500

International community with 24/7 support via whatsapp & facebook

Courses, challenges and coaching

Daily motivational support from Janet and team

Weekly Zoom Cafe for member check ins

Introductory Coaching & Hypnotherapy sessions

Confidential medical advice from our Doctor


If you carry on drinking you’ll only become more dependent and your mental and physical health will suffer.

Or join Tribe Sober, do the work and your health will improve, your happiness will increase and your life will begin to evolve in the most extraordinary ways.