How to Quit Drinking – and Thrive in Your Alcohol Free Life.

The Kickstart Course is our signature course and was launched in 2015. Since then hundreds of people have attended the course and changed their lives.

Whether you are struggling with alcohol dependency, sober curious or in early sobriety this course is for you.

By the end of the session you will:-

• Have changed your thinking about alcohol and realized that it’s adding nothing (but trouble) to your life!

• Have built your own personal toolkit – tools, techniques and strategies to enable you to change your drinking habits

• Have a personal action plan which will enable you to apply the theory, change your relationship with alcohol and learn to thrive in your alcohol free life.

Members get 20% discount off workshops


We can also arrange a private workshop to suit your timezone and schedule.

Go through the Kickstart content on a 1.2.1 basis with a member of the Tribe Sober team.

We structure the sessions as follows:-

• Session 1- 1.5 hour Zoom session to learn more about your relationship with alcohol and then take you through the Kickstart content

• Session 2 – 1.5 hour follow up session to review the learnings and set up your action plan going forward

• Session 3 – Coaching session to facilitate lifestyle and habit changes