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Want to quit drinking – or to cut down?

Let us guide you through a 7 step life changing journey which will enable you to improve your health, increase your happiness and find more meaning and purpose in your life.

Join our international community via our membership program.

If you’re already sober and wanting to connect with like minded people then we could be just the tribe you need!

Affordable monthly subs – cancel anytime or pay annual subs (only pay for 10 months)

Watch Janet giving a tour of the Tribe Roadmap
  • Annual Subscription

    R1,500.00 / year
  • Monthly Subscription

    R150.00 / month

Included in your Tribe Sober Membership:-

  • New Member Zoom Chat with Tribe Support for Annual Members

  • Consultation with Tribe Support to tailor your personal journey

  • Scheduled Tribe Chats via Zoom – at convenient times to suit all time zones

  • International community with 24/7 support via Slack and whatsapp

  • Affordable monthly subs – cancel at any time OR Annual and only pay for 10 months

  • Weekly Zoom Cafe for member check ins

  • Personal 1.2.1 support from a Sober Buddy

  • Introductory Coaching & Hypnotherapy sessions

  • Confidential medical advice from our Doctor

  • Subscriptions never increase for existing members

  • Member Discounts on workshops, Kickstart online course, coaching, hypnotherapy, alcohol free drinks, yoga classes and nutritional consultations

  • Membership capped at 500 to ensure personal support

About Tribe Sober

Introduction from Janet Gourand (Founder of Tribe Sober):

Tribe Sober Launch Announcement (podcast episode):

What our Members are saying:

“I nearly lost my family, my everything, as I continued to drink. I’m so thankful for Janet  and all of you who have kept me on the sober bus.”

– Jane 

“This community has contributed immensely to this lost soul finding her way home. I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and I have found myself again!”

– Laura

“I have tried to give up drinking many times. Only when I joined Tribe Sober was I able to make the change. The online support is great but the sense of community is exceptional.”

– Julia

Your Tribe Roadmap to Healthy Living

Follow these steps and build a life you don’t want to escape from!

“If it wasn’t for Janet, I would be in a scary place right now. It was such a slippery slope and I only just saw that once I had gone off it.’

– Beth 

“I really am stunned at how much I don’t miss or crave alcohol. I’m much more present and no more time is wasted on being hungover and feeling guilty.”

– Nicky

“The session with Janet was a big step. I recognised the insanity of my addiction. The ground did not open up and swallow me. It was just ‘what’s the next step?’ “

– Mallorie

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