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Nicolas Cheat Sheet
Nicola came to one of our workshops and never looked back. She took a selfie at the workshop and then another one 100 days later. That was a couple of years ago and she’s still thriving in her alcohol free life. Nicola kindly wrote a list of her top tips.
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Free e-book – sample

It takes 66 days to change a habit. So we run a 66 day challenge which includes community and audio support as well as 66 daily emails. We collated the 66 emails into an e-book and we’re making it a Tribe Sober freebie! It’s called 66 Days to Sobriety and it should help you to create new and healthy habits.
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30 signs you Need to Take a Break from Alcohol

Check the list to make sure that you do or don’t have a problem with alcohol

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Annual Tracker

Yes we know you can track your alcohol free days on your phone but there is something about having a tracker on a piece of paper that you can stick on your fridge (or wine rack ;-). Highlight your alcohol free days as you progress through the year and see how your Sober Stretches are stacking up – are they getting longer? If not then you’d better join our tribe 😉
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