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I wrote my “Goodbye to Alcohol letter” on 23rd May 2016 – my first Soberversary.  It was a powerful and cathartic experience.

Once alcohol has taken a hold on your life it can be very much like an abusive lover….

“It takes and it takes, and it lies and it lies, and we give up everything rather than lose it.  There is nothing we need it for, and there is nothing it won’t take.”

We need to say goodbye – I read my letter out on Radio 702 – you can listen to it here

As a result of that show people started sending me their own Goodbye Letters and then we began to include it in our workshop toolkit.

You can read the heartfelt and moving letters that we have received in this section.

So check them out, get inspired – and think about writing your letter – we’d be delighted to publish it!

Janet x

“Goodbye To …” Letters

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