We offer different Challenges throughout the year

Dry January Fundraiser

Our annual fundraiser – a 30 day challenge to do an alcohol-free January – make a donation to a good cause in exchange for online and community support.
This fundraiser goes live on December 1st.

#Sober66 Challenge

Goes live every year on 20th March and 1st September (Spring day for Northern & Southern Hemisphere) Join as an Annual Member and this is free

We chose 66 days because that’s the length of time it takes to build a new neural pathway and change a habit.

support will include – whatsapp group, 66 daily emails , invitation to Private Facebook Group, 66 Days Tracker and a Free Ebook 66 Days to Sobriety

30 Day Sober Jumpstart

This is designed so that you can assess your relationship with alcohol – if you find 30 days easy then great – if not we can offer more help if you join as a Subscription Member. We will support you for 30days by sending you a daily motivational email full of tips, tools and advice to keep you on track

You will have access to the Daily Members Zoom chats during the 30 days 

If you would like a Zoom call with one of the Tribe Sober team at the end of your challenge just get in touch

Sobriety BootCamp

The Bootcamp takes place on our Private Facebook group – facebook lives daily for 5 days- daily tasks and worksheets

Next one 20th – 24th May 2024

Dry July

Annually starts 1st July but sign up during June. 30 days of emails and community support on whatsapp chat group.

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