We offer different Challenges throughout the year

30 Day Sober Jumpstart – This is designed so that you can assess your relationship with alcohol – if you find 30 days easy then great – if not we can offer more help if you join as a Subscription Member
If you would like a Zoom call with one of the Tribe Sober team at the end of your challenge just get in touch

Sobriety BootCamp – this is on our facebook group – facebook lives daily for 5 days- daily tasks and worksheets

January Challenge – our annual fundraiser – a 30 day challenge to do an alcohol-free January – make a donation to a good cause in exchange for online and community support.
This fundraiser goes live on December 1st.

Dry July annually starts 1st July but sign up during June

#Sober66 Challenge – goes live every year on 20th March and 1st September (Spring day for Northern & Southern Hemisphere) Join as an Annual Member and this is free

We chose 66 days because that’s the length of time it takes to build a new neural pathway and change a habit.

Opens 1st December

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