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Success Stories
Mandy’s Success Story

“Sobriety is hard… Dealing with the devastating effects of alcohol is hard (broken relationships, the hangovers, the shame, the guilt, hiding alcohol, convincing yourself you

Miranda's One Year Soberversary
Success Stories
Miranda’s One Year Soberversary

  Connection conquers addiction. Miranda knows this. She has been one year sober! She celebrated her Soberversary on 29th Sept 2021. Her greatest insight? Connection

206 Days Without Wine

Lebo Pule did our Sober Spring Challenge in 2019 – and look where she is now – well done Lebo – we’re so proud of

Success Stories
Member Share – Julia

Tell us a bit about yourself I have just turned 54, and still feel young at heart! I raised my children by myself and have

Success Stories
Member Share – Laura

We are so proud of our awesome members who not only ditch the drink but they also inspire others – thank you Laura! First of

Success Stories
Member Share – Jane R

Jane came to a workshop a few years ago, got sober and now she is paying it forward as an indispensable member of the Tribe

Success Stories
Member Share – Chelsea

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live? Married? Single? Age bracket? Kids? Work life? Single. 28 years of age.