Are you tired of trying to cut down or quit drinking…. over and over?

Are you tired of doing the hardest bit…. again and again?

Let us show you the Path to Freedom

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We only run Breaking Free four times per year and spaces are limited to 20




“I’ve taken all the learnings, contacts and resources gathered since 2015 to bring a world class program together.

It’s what I wish I’d know when I was stuck in the Booze Trap for all those years

We’re inviting you into a sacred space of transformation – for a 3 month period.

Support and connection to get you through those difficult early few months of sobriety.

Catering for the 4 “learning styles” we have put together the pieces of an intervention that will change your life.

4 components which fit together to create magic!”

Janet Gourand, Founder of Tribe Sober


Individual study with our Masterclass Intensive online Course

Work through our online course at your own pace during the 3 month period. It contains all the information and motivation you need to change your mindset and build an alcohol free life that you love.


There is nothing quite like 1.2.1. support on this journey.

A Zoom call with Janet to welcome you to Masterclass Intensive and hear your story and then another call mid-way through the course with Sue

At the end of Masterclass Intensive you’ll have a coaching session with Lynette to ensure that you are transferring the learnings from this Masterclass Intensive to your life.


As part of the Breaking Free program we’ll be offering you the chance to attend our 4-hour Group Masterclass on Zoom.

It will reinforce the learnings from Masterclass Intensive and connect you with others on the same path.

After the Masterclass Group Live you’ll be offered a follow up 1.2.1 coaching session with Lynette.


Community is at the heart of Tribe Sober.

The Breaking Free participants will have a whatsapp chat group for support

The Tribe Sober Team will be there to share advice and assist

Monthly Zoom meetings to review progress


Embarking on the Tribe Sober Breaking Free program has been a transformative journey for me and surprisingly, the process have been easy. This newfound ease, however, is not a stroke of luck but a testament to the powerful impact this program has had on reframing my mind in about 2 months.

Thanks to this program, I’ve gained the essential tools and unwavering support needed to redefine my connection with alcohol, ultimately leading me to bid farewell to the drink for good!

Noelene Lawyer 


The Breaking Free program includes personal touchpoints to keep you on track.

Course creator Janet kickstarts the process with a one-hour Zoom chat to dig into why you’re starting on this sobriety journey. Mid-way through there’s another chat with Community Manager Sue to check how you’re doing.

Last, but definitely not least, you get a one-hour session with Recovery Coach Lynette, who is one of the wisest, calmest and most uplifting people you will ever meet.

Sally Executive


I have spent many years training and teaching at university (including online postgrad) and I was very impressed with the Breaking Free Program.

I loved the content and wanted to continue all the time, hence moving through it so fast. I think it is excellent.

I can see your training and development experience coming through very much. You are able to put across quite difficult concepts in such a clear and simple way. A lot of thought must have gone into the design. Thank you.

David Doctor