Our 66 Days Sober Challenge is a great way to test your dependence on alcohol and give your body a break. 

Alcohol is so toxic that a 66 day break will result in significant health benefits.

We provide online, audio and community support for 66 days.

We chose 66 days because that’s how long it takes to break a habit. 

Sign up for the challenge and you will receive:-

  • An invitation to our chat group to connect you with other Challengers

  • 66 Daily mails, full of tips, tools and strategies to keep you on track

  • Access to 66 mini podcasts – daily encouragement

  • An invitation to our private Facebook group

  • Our 66 day tracker so you can monitor your progress

  • A copy of our e-book 66 Days to Sobriety

This Challenge is open to all countries

Any questions about the challenge just email us at janet@nulltribesober.com

Good luck with the Challenge!