Sober Celebrities Choose to be Alcohol-Free!

Read these quotes from celebrities who chose to be sober and alcohol-free! Inspiring? Anyone can get sober, enter recovery, and change their lives – if they have the WILL to do it! Thoughts create false beliefs and these false beliefs dominate our brains and then we forget who we really are. Are you present? Or are you lost in the past?

  1. “You have to want to change. You have to use your pain as fuel to make a better life for yourself.” – Anthony Hopkins
  2. “I’m sober today and I’m going to be sober tomorrow, but it truly is just one day at a time.” – Eminem
  3. “I never thought I could survive without drugs or alcohol. But it turns out that I’m stronger than I ever imagined.” – Eric Clapton
  4. “I used to think that I couldn’t write unless I was under the influence of something. But it turns out that sobriety has opened up a whole new world of creativity for me.” – Stephen King
  5. “The only way to change is to change your behavior every day.” – Russell Brand
  6. “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.” – Miley Cyrus
  7. “I don’t drink or drug anymore but that doesn’t mean my life is boring. It’s not. I still have a lot of fun.” – Jamie Lee Curtis
  8. “The greatest gift you can give yourself is sobriety.” – Robert Downey Jr.
  9. “Getting sober is a process, and it takes time. But it’s worth it.” – Bradley Cooper
  10. “My whole life changed when I decided to get sober.” – Matthew Perry

In a rapidly changing world where presence seems to be key to a good life, many people globally are choosing to abstain from alcohol for various reasons. This is made easier by the growing availability of alcohol-free drinks in grocery stores, bars, and restaurants.  Reasons for ditching the booze range from enhancing mental health to managing specific medical conditions. Several celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen and Cara Delevingne, have openly discussed their decisions to embrace sobriety. In fact, they are part of a growing list of famous people who simply do not want to drink or drug anymore! Remember Elvis Presley and James Dean, Elton John and Freddie Mercury? Those were hectic days of absolute addiction. It’s time for a change…

It’s Your Choice to be Alcohol-Free

The choice to give up alcohol is deeply personal and can be particularly challenging in a day and age of social gatherings centred around drinking. There are stigmas associated with drinking too much, drinking too little and stopping drinking! It takes strength of character and deep insights to stop drinking if you have been doing so for years. It helps a lot to seek insights from those who have successfully chosen this invaluable lifestyle change.  It also helps to understand the rationale behind the sobriety of well-known personalities who often offer reassurance and inspiration. Some are driven by health concerns or personal growth, others have reached rock bottom and know that there is no other way out from addiction.

There are numerous health benefits associated with reducing alcohol consumption, and quitting is even better. Some of the main benefits include dramatic improvements in sleep quality, energy levels, and overall well-being. Mental clarity and physical wellness are the prizes for sobriety!

It’s not hard to see why notable figures such as Brad Pitt and Tom Holland have embraced sobriety. What is YOUR quote about being sober?

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The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

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