Confidence – Use it to Stop Drinking and Heal!

You have decided to stop drinking! Well done. You have chosen to heal your body and mind from a veritable toxin and to move on with real life. This is a huge decision that you have made and you have done so with confidence. Self-confidence can be your right-hand man for the rest of your life. Invite it in and keep it there, inside you, from here on. Believe in YOU.

Confidence – the unsung hero in the grand narrative of human achievement. Imagine a world where nothing extraordinary is accomplished without this subtle quality. It’s the magic potion that propels individuals past those overriding feelings of fear and doubt, a resilient force that helps most people bounce back when life is ultra-challenging. Self-confidence is the secret, the catalyst that can turn lives around with self-awareness and perseverance.

Let’s try to decode this abstract noun, confidence. A feeling of self-assurance can bloom in your garden of self-doubt if you allow it to. Water your abilities and qualities with the nutrients of self-esteem and turn your self-talk into positive action. Arm yourself with the right skills, attitude, and a heart full of kindness, and you will radiate self-confidence to all those around you.

Self-confidence can take centre stage in your life as the internal compass that guides you through your work, home life, relationships and your world. When you can say, “You’ve got this” in the face of challenges and lack of momentum, you have tuned into an innate trait that helps you not just survive but thrive.

According to BetterUp, “Confident people welcome new challenges because they know that they are reasonably up to the challenge. And their self-worth doesn’t hinge on the outcome. They’ll try their best and are motivated to pursue their goals without overthinking or internalizing too much…They approach things in life without uncertainty and nerves…Rather than being judgmental or hostile toward other people’s success, confident people celebrate others and feel genuine happiness for them rather than envy or comparison. They are inspired to learn what they can about how others succeed. They don’t rationalize others’ successes or their own failures.”

Develop Self-Confidence in Sobriety

Try these amazing activities to see how your confidence can develop, no matter where you are in life right now:

  1. Take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on all the things you have done where you needed confidence. Things like parenting, career choices, solo travels, studies, adventure sports, and socials. These things have made you who you are.
  2. Now try to remember when the shadows of doubt swamped your confidence. Things like oversensitivity, perfectionism, social withdrawal, and resentment have entered your life to trick your confidence. Acknowledge them, confront them, and let them know you’re onto their game.
  3. Be strong and shift the tides. Confidence is a fluid force that can be strengthened – it’s not a prerequisite, it’s your reward for daring to take action. What do you need to believe to grow more confidence? Write a list, detailed or not, and start living these goals.

Confidence Boosters to Stay Sober

  • Values Check: Rediscover your why. What benefit do you bring to others? Connect with your feelings and the emotions of those around you. Find your purpose in work and play. Walk away from alcohol-infused events and habits.
  • Success Check: External validation isn’t enough – rewards and accolades. It’s internal success that will define you so try to define what success means for you, align it with SMART goals, and ensure it resonates with your life purpose.

  • Reality Check: Grab the opportunity for growth in challenging scenarios. Acknowledge your greatness as an individual, seek improvement, and understand the dynamic role others play in your life.

Confidence is your heartbeat – be kind to yourself. Alcohol blurs life and tricks your mind and body, filling them with toxins and negativity. Meditate on your inner child, and your innate needs, find true purpose and water your own garden of self-esteem.


The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

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