Why your Drinking Problem is an Opportunity – with Lucy Dentith


My guest this week was Tribe Sober Team Member, Lucy Dentith. Lucy came to a Tribe Sober Masterclass in London in 2018 and has been sober ever since!  She has also become an indispensable member of the Tribe Sober Team.

In this Episode

  • Importance of a Supportive Community:

    • Having a tribe or a community of like-minded individuals is crucial for sobriety.
    • Joining a supportive group, such as Tribe Sober, can provide encouragement and a sense of belonging.
  • Usefulness of Tracking Progress:

    • The tracker is a useful tool for recording and celebrating sobriety milestones.
    • It should be used as a positive tool for encouragement rather than a means of self-criticism.
  • Tangible Benefits of Tracking:

    • Filling in a tracker, especially a paper one, provides a tangible and visceral sense of accomplishment.
    • Celebrating small successes helps shift focus from negative thoughts to positive achievements.
  • Finding Your “Why”:

    • Understanding why you want to change and focusing on the positive benefits helps in times of difficulty.
    • A clear sense of purpose and positive motivations make the journey of change easier.
  • Reframing Challenges as Opportunities:

    • Viewing challenges as opportunities for positive change reframes the mindset.
    • Sobriety is not a loss but an opportunity to gain a wonderful life with better health and relationships.
  • Gaining More Than Losing:

    • The worries about losing things due to sobriety often turn out to be unfounded.
    • Sobriety brings numerous gains, including improved physical and mental well-being.
  • Community Support and Celebrating Success:

    • The importance of community support, such as Zoom Cafés, in celebrating and cheering for each other’s successes.
    • Helping others find healthy coping strategies and sharing success stories creates a positive and encouraging environment.

Tips for Early Sobriety, Especially During the Festive Season:

    • Plan Ahead: Plan activities and responses to challenging situations.
    • Be Curious: Approach the sobriety journey with curiosity and self-reflection.
    • Visualize Success: Envision positive outcomes and focus on enjoyable aspects of events.
    • Choose Happiness: Opt for happiness over being right in arguments.
    • Have an Escape Plan: Plan exit strategies if social situations become challenging.

Starting the Sobriety Journey:

      • Take the First Step: Acknowledge the need for change and start with small goals.
      • Be Curious: Embrace curiosity as a companion in sobriety.
      • Progress, Not Perfection: Understand that setbacks happen, and progress is more important than perfection.
      • Continuous Learning: Keep developing coping strategies and seek support through coaching and reading.
      • Healthy Coping Strategies: Learning to cope without defaulting to drinking is essential for long-term sobriety and personal growth.

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The 11 Year Fact

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