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We run our live Group Masterclass just four times a year and are often asked to provide a recording…. so we’ve done it!

The Masterclass recording is available now.  The 3-hour Masterclass begins with a welcome call with me, Janet Gourand, and ends with a coaching session.  The recording is split up into digestible sections and includes written exercises.

Our Kickstart online course is a deep dive into this fascinating topic – 7 detailed modules to work through at your own pace.

More info about our courses here.

In this Episode

During this solo podcast I’m giving you a flavour of our Masterclass with a tour of our Toolkit tried and trusted toolkit – here are the 15 tools!

  • CONNECT with other people on the same path because connection is the opposite of addiction – if youre not yet in tribe sober then please go to our and hit “join our tribe” for more info
  • EXERCISE get moving – you may feel flat when you quit drinking so trigger your endorphins with exercise – at least an hour a day
  • GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE – no more numbing out your feelings, personal growth and emotional maturity will come from that discomfort
  • CHANGE YOUR MINDSET –remember this journey is not about willpower – its about changing your thinking about drinking – tackle your limiting beliefs around alcohol and your desire to drink will diminish
  • VISUALISE – if you are tempted to drink just play the movie forward – what will happen if you have that drink you are longing for – you will enjoy it but what happens next?  Play the movie forward, you know the ending isn’t pretty!
  • KNOWLEDGE IS POWER so learn everything you can – listen to podcasts, read the quitlit, take our Masterclass – the more you learn about the toxic effects of alcohol the less you will feel like drinking it!
  • BE ACCOUNTABILE – Tribe Sober members are in accountability groups according to their length of sobriety and we have a weekly check-in at the Zoom Café.  Write a Goodbye to Alcohol letter or start a blog.
  • FIND A PROJECT – the early sobriety blues may hit after a few months – to combat your low mood you need a project to keep your happy brain chemicals triggered. Start exploring projects so you can dive into them if you are hit by a low mood.
  • KEEP A JOURNAL – write your why list in the front – your why list will keep you motivated and on track.  Use your why list to identify your triggers, process your emotions, record the benefits you are experiencing and track your progress.
  • BE PREPARED – try lots of Alcohol-Free drinks until you find your favourite. Fill your fridge with alcohol-free drinks. Play the movie forward when you socialise – what will you drink and what reason will you give for not drinking?
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS – every time we mark off a day as alcohol-free we’ll get a dopamine hit – Tribe Sobers Annual Tracker is brilliant for keeping perspective and watching your progress.  If you’d like one of our trackers just email Sue at
  • STAY BUSY – when you quit drinking you’ll have time on your hands so plan how you will use that time.  Try out new activities and interests, and start looking for that project – don’t just sit around wishing you could drink and waiting for FOMO to strike!
  •  BE READY FOR TRIGGERS! – when you get a craving to drink take a pause and breathe… the Power is in the Pause – be curious about the trigger and then get our your journal – analyse WHY you got a craving – write about it in your journal and decide how you will deal with it next time.
  • DO THE WORK – Prioritise your sobriety – your recovery will be the foundation on which you can build the rest of your life.  Make it your focus for 3 – 6 months – do the work and your reward will be a healthier and happier future.
  • FIND YOUR PURPOSE – once we stop drinking we reconnect with who we are and what we really want to do with our lives.  We’re not put on earth to be happy 24/7 – we’re put on earth to find meaning and purpose.

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