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In a world that often romanticizes the clinking of glasses and the joys of drinking, the choice to NOT drink can seem like an enigma to some. But here’s the thing: choosing not to drink opens the door to a world of possibilities, adventure, and a newfound appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. Thinking about drinking all day long can be enervating and demeaning, removing the potential to do things with a purpose, a vision and a deeper meaning.

Imagine this: a clear evening sky, stars glittering like diamonds, and the scent of the earth after a refreshing rain. In your sober world, you are free to revel in the raw, unfiltered beauty of nature. Take Cape Town, for example, the Mother City with her abundance of outdoor treasures. From Table Mountain to the pristine beaches, you can enjoy these delights so much more when sober – these landscapes become your playground and your clear mind enhances everything around you.

What will you do if you DON’T drink then?

Exploring the Great Outdoors – walking, and hiking are a perfect fit for a clear mind and healthy body.

Yoga: the connection of mind and body takes on new meaning during the practice of yoga. It’s not just about physical postures; it’s about finding balance, strength, and serenity within.

The Wonders of Gardening – digging in the soil, planting seeds, and nurturing life is soulful and healthy. Do it in the evenings when you would have had a drink.

Parenting – strengthen the unbreakable bond between you and your children as you witness their growth, offer guidance, and share in their simple, profound joys.

Educating and Helping Others – grab the opportunity to channel your passions into helping others. Become a beacon of inspiration for those who are struggling.

Books – books are your passport to endless adventures, a steadfast companion. The world of literature is your oyster, waiting to be explored one page at a time.

So, what will you do if you DON’T drink? You will be fine! Enjoy a life rich in beauty, purpose, and meaning. Start a new hobby and find something to do that thrills and relaxes you!



10 new hobbies you can start when you STOP drinking

  1. Mindful Meditation: boosts self-awareness, reduces stress, and promotes emotional well-being.
  2. Artistic Expression: painting, drawing, sculpting, or any other artistic pursuit is personal therapy.
  3. Culinary Adventures: experiment with new recipes, flavours, and techniques then share the food with best friends and family.
  4. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: get moving, release stress, and connect with others.
  5. Adventure Travel: plan adventurous trips to explore new cultures, landscapes, and activities.
  6. Outdoor Pursuits: explore hiking, camping, birdwatching, or even try your hand at adventure sports.
  7. Volunteering: find a cause you’re passionate about, whether it’s working with children, animals, environmental conservation, or community outreach.
  8. Music Mastery: learning to play a musical instrument is a journey of self-discovery.
  9. Fitness and Wellness: yoga, running, swimming, or strength training will boost physical health and also release endorphins, keeping your spirits high.
  10. Writing and Blogging: share your journey to inspire others and reach out to those who may be facing similar struggles.

There is SO much to do when you DON’T drink! Grab the bull by the horns and do it!

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