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Sobriety is a special vision and goal. When you get there, it’s time to celebrate and kick-start your life again. We can help you to get there with these 7 steps to sobriety in pictures!

Tribe Sober Membership offers you 21 features – divided into 7 steps – to help you quit drinking and then thrive in your alcohol-free life.  

Step 1: Get Connected

  • WhatsApp Groups = chat and share in your free time
  • Zoom Café = every Saturday afternoon at 4.30 pm
  • Facebook Group = post your thoughts, read memes, articles and inspiring stories
  • Join Tribe Sober for regular connection and perks.

Step 2: Be Prepared

  • Shopping = stock up on alcohol-free drinks at DrinkNil at discounted prices
  • Workshops = change your relationship with alcohol with the right tools
  • Library = books, documents, and videos to inspire you in sobriety

Step 3: Do the Work

  • Challenges = 30-day Starter, Dry January, Sober Spring, 66-Days
  • Milestone Awards = keep climbing the mountain for more dopamine hits
  • Keep Track = mark every alcohol-free day on your tracker until one year
  • Connect and work at your sobriety.

Step 4: Need More Support

  • Ask the Doc = email our Tribe Sober Doc, Dr Judy, about all your symptoms
  • 5-Day Sobriety Bootcamp online course and support workshops
  • Coaching = a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to share and grow
  • Book a Power Hour (or 3) with Sue and let her help you plan the way forward
  • Kickstart your sober life – online course

Step 5: Time to Heal

  • Yoga Studio = get a 25% discount with The Shala Yoga Studio for online yoga classes
  • Nutrition = get a 25% discount with natural health coach Tom Sheehey
  • Hynotherapy = enjoy one free session with Belinda Roxburgh, qualified hypnotherapist
  • Path to Purpose Coaching Programme – change your relationship with alcohol and find that path to purpose with Lynette le Roux

Step 6: Celebrate

  • Happy Brain Coaching = a 45-day ‘new behaviour’ plan, to help generate happy chemicals
  • Goodbye Letter to Alcohol = writing it all down is a powerful, cathartic experience
  • Pay it Forward = help those who cannot afford the membership fees
  • Listen to podcasts every week from here on.


Step 7: Find your Purpose

  • Life Coaching = work with one of our qualified life coaches to share and grow
  • Root Cause Therapy = tap into the unconscious mind with Deb Clark to examine limiting beliefs and overturn them
  • Art Therapy = work with Samantha Davis to dig out long buried feelings and own them.

Join Tribe Sober: we enable you to create an alcohol-free life that you love.

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