Taking the Sober Road – 8 Mistakes to Avoid

This is a solo episode to celebrate my 8th Soberversary – I’m focusing on 8 mistakes to avoid. These are 8 mistakes I made myself and learned from.

In this Episode

Mistake number 1 – Waiting for Rock Bottom

TIP NUMBER ONE:  Do it now!  If you’re listening to this then the chances are that you are either already alcohol-free (well done to you!) or you are contemplating making a change.  If you are in the contemplation phase then you should know that the average time people spend in that place is an incredible 11 years!  Alcohol dependence is like an elevator and it’s only going down.  The longer you leave it the worse it will get so Do it Now!

Mistake number 2 – Trying to Moderate

TIP NUMBER TWO – Forget Moderation! People who can moderate just do it naturally – they wouldn’t be listening to this podcast. They might have a glass of champagne at a wedding or a glass of red wine with a special meal but alcohol is not really on their radar.  I’m guessing that’s probably not you (!) so redirect that energy you put into controlling an addictive drug into building an alcohol-free life that you love!

Mistake number 3 – Fearing failure

TIP NUMBER THREEProgress not Perfection! This should be your strategy.  Drop me an email at janet@nulltribesober.com and ask for one of our trackers and log those alcohol-free days.  If you have a slip up then learn from it and get right back on track.  Remember that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.  You’ve only failed if you stop trying!

 Mistake number 4 – Worrying About Other People

TIP NUMBER FOUR – Find a new Tribe! In our alcohol-drenched society, it can be hard to be the odd one out, especially if you are an introvert as many problem drinkers tend to be.  So for the first few months at least join a new tribe – a sober community of people just like you.  You will be blown away by the warmth, and the vulnerability you will find.  Read some quit lit and listen to recovery stories on podcasts as well.

Mistake number 5 – Being Influenced by Marketing, Movies etc

TIP NUMBER FIVE – Reflect on the limiting beliefs you hold about alcohol!  Examples of limiting beliefs are… I need alcohol to have fun, to socialise, to relax, to de-stress, to reward myself for a difficult day, to celebrate a good day… the list goes on.  Work on overturning those limiting beliefs and see alcohol for what it really is – a poison linked to 7 cancers and 60+ diseases.  Read Annie Grace’s book This Naked Mind for more on this or come to one of our workshops.

Mistake number 6 – Waiting for happiness to strike

TIP NUMBER SIX – Check your brain and dopamine! Be aware that your brain is still recalibrating and healing as your natural dopamine receptors crank up again (they’ve got lazy as the wine has been doing their job for so long!) When you quit drinking you can’t just leave everything the same except for the drinking –  you’ll need to reconfigure your life/routine and get new interests. Recovery is about so much more than “not drinking” – that’s just the start…  After guiding hundreds of our members through this journey we’ve noticed that it takes about 6 months to change the habit and then another 6 months to “do the work”, and learn how to thrive in sobriety.

Most importantly get a new interest/hobby to keep your happy brain chemicals triggers – go to meetup.com to see the many interests that people have… and go to udemy.com to find a course to sign up for.

Mistake number 7 – Being Depressed About Quitting

TIP NUMBER 7 – Get excited about this life-changing opportunity!  You are going to look better, feel better, sleep better and be full of energy. Just take a look at some of the testimonials on our website if you’re not convinced! Realise that you’ll be gaining so much more than you will lose! Realise that addiction is a gift – as Laura K says in her book title we really are the luckiest – only people who have become dependent are pushed right to the wall and forced to question who they really are and what they really want out of life

Quitting is an opportunity – not a problem!

Mistake number 8 – Trying to Do it Alone

TIP NUMBER 8 – Find your people!  When I got sober 8 years ago, AA was pretty much the only gig in town, and AA is not for everybody.  These days there are so many alternative paths to sobriety.  There is a modern recovery movement as more and more people wake up and decide to fight back against Big Alcohol.  We are the trailblazers and have decided to no longer poison our bodies and brains to contribute to the outrageous profits of the liquor industry. It does take courage and confidence to do this but we’ve got plenty of that… and we’ve decided to become rebels rather than sheep! There are sober communities on Instagram and TikTok as it becomes cool to run your back on alcohol. So go online and explore – find your people.

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The 11 Year Fact

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