My Path to Purpose – with Lynette Le Roux


My guest this week is a very special member of our Tribe Sober Team.

I first met Lynette Le Roux when she came to one of our workshops more than 5 years ago.

She was in a dark place back then, but the workshop was the catalyst she needed to change everything.

Lynette has been transforming and enriching her life for the last 5 years – she’s found her passion and qualified as a Coach and for the last 3 years she has been working for Tribe Sober as a Coach.

In this Episode

  • Lynette first tasted alcohol at the tender age of 9 – she’d got hold of some tiny bottles of whisky and brandy which she kept near her bed.  She would take a sip when she went to bed as it comforted her
  • Going off to boarding school at the age of 5 left her with lingering feelings of isolation – a feeling that those little sips chased away
  • As she reflects back she realises it was a way to feel nurtured and held
  • She didn’t drink much in her teens but in her 20s she met a guy who loved his whisky and she began to drink regularly
  • Lynette had never really felt comfortable in her own skin so alcohol helped her to socialise
  • Her relationship deteriorated due to her partner’s drunken rages and he left her when she was pregnant
  • She coped well over the next few years and began to develop her career
  • The usual after-work drinks culture prevailed and Lynette fell back into her old patterns
  • She would drink excessively at the weekends as well as after work sometimes
  • Like many of us, she would resolve to stop or cut down but nothing really changed
  • Then she met her current husband who hardly drinks at all
  • He thought she drank too much so she tried hard to make a change
  • She managed some sober stretches but as she got into her 40s the alcohol came back into her life
  • Even though she was drinking Lynette tried a lot self-development programs during this period
  • Looking back she realises that she never tried to integrate her learnings into her daily life
  • If we don’t apply the learnings then the courses are really a waste of time and nothing will change
  • As she moved into her 50s Lynette became more dependent on alcohol
  • She felt she was losing connection with her husband and her friends
  • Always looking for a quick fix she decided to study plant medicine
  • As part of Lynette’s ongoing odyssey for a quick cure for her problems, she came across our one-day workshop
  • She attended the workshop but, true to form, she never really engaged
  • After the workshop, she didn’t apply the tools or connect via the chatgroups
  • So nothing really changed and three months after the workshop she hit her rock bottom
  • Driving to work and struggling with an awful hangover she had a “not this” moment
  • Followed by an “if not this, then what?” moment
  • Out of desperation she looked at her Tribe Sober workshop notes and decided to reconnect
  • Lynette went to the coffee meetup and engaged on the WhatsApp group
  • After reading other people’s messages for a while she decided to reach out
  • She posted a message that she felt really low
  • Another member explained that she felt that way because her brain was recalibrating and healing
  • This really resonated with Lynette and became her mantra
  • She began to study coaching and started to see that a different way of life was possible
  • As Lynette has been coached herself and has coached many people I asked her to explain why coaching is so valuable
  • She explained that coaching helps us to get perspective on our life and our mind
  • Coaching enables a growth mindset as we move towards our future self
  • We talked about the benefits she has gained from 5 years of sobriety
  • The biggest benefit for Lynette was reconnecting with herself and then developing her passion for coaching
  • She’s learned so much about her beautiful brain and she’s learned how to feel
  • She’s learned that emotional pain is a sign of growth and she must learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • That’s a lesson she’s taught us all here at Tribe Sober
  • We agreed that there is so much more to recovery than “not drinking”
  • As Lynette said that’s just 10% of the work – and we will never thrive in sobriety if we don’t tackle the other 90%
  • We talked about anhedonia which is the low mood that sometimes hits us in early sobriety
  • For more on dealing with anhedonia check out Lynette’s video on our Youtube channel and the Tribe Sober podcast interview with Dr Loretta Breuning, episode 55 on Apple Podcasts
  • We talked about the Path to Purpose which is a brand new Group Coaching that she has created this year
  • On 30th April her first group of 10 people will begin the program .. and find their Path to Purpose
  • The program will last for 8 weeks
  • It will include content but also leave space for co-creation.  Space to tune into the needs of the group and deal with what comes up
  • One of the outcomes of the program is that the participants will have a self-coaching program which will enable them to continue their development
  • If you’d like to know more about the Path to Purpose program then click here
  • The next program is fully booked but you can join the waitlist or you can email Lynette on to discuss whether it’s the right program for you

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