7 Reasons to try a Sober Spring

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Seven Reasons to try a Sober Spring in 2023!

The global wellness economy is estimated to be worth $4 trillion.

$4 trillion!

We are on an endless quest for vitality and youth.

Yet many of us drink alcohol, a known toxin.

We start drinking at college just to fit in, then we find ourselves at work entertaining clients or just letting our hair down with colleagues on a Friday night as part of the “work hard play hard” culture.

As we get older, we switch to using a glass (or two) or wine in the evening to relax or to relieve stress. The evolution from “socialising” to “self-medicating” is complete.

Here’s the thing:-

Alcohol is a toxin and we owe it to our amazing bodies and brains to take a break now and then.  To boost our general health and check our dependence – especially as we get older.

Seven Reasons to take a Break:-

  1. To check our dependence

Alcohol is a drug and we need to take regular breaks to ensure that we are not becoming dependent. 20% of social drinkers will become dependent over the years. Alcohol is insidious and sneaks up on us which is why an annual “dependence-check” makes so much sense.

  1. It’s long enough to get real benefits

Most of us have white-knuckled our way through Dry January but 30 days is just not long enough to experience the benefits of sobriety. Whereas 66 days of sobriety will boost your health, improve your looks and give you a glimpse of just how awesome alcohol-free living can be!

  1. You’ll lose weight!

66 alcohol-free days will certainly have an impact on your waistline. Of course, wine is full of sugar and it also leads to unhealthy snacking. Even more important to know is that because alcohol is a toxin your body will focus on metabolising it first, before it turns to burning those calories in your food.

  1. Your looks!

A break from booze will have a positive impact on your looks. You will lose that puffiness in your face, your skin will clear and your eyes will sparkle. The average US woman spends $300 a month on beauty treatments. Ditching alcohol is the best beauty treatment of all – who knew?!

  1. No more peer pressure

“Alcohol is the only drug we have to justify not taking” — harsh but true. If you tell your family and friends that you have given up drinking they may well ask you why on earth would you do such a crazy thing. Whereas, tell them you are doing a 66 day alcohol-free challenge as a health kick they will probably leave you in peace ;-)

  1. Good quality sleep

To feel rested we need 7 cycles of REM sleep. Drinkers usually get 2 at the most. The resulting fatigue builds up over the years, especially if you drink a glass (or two) of wine every evening. Ditch the drink for 66 days and you will sleep like a baby and begin to feel fabulous.

  1. Strengthen your Immune System

Alcohol is a toxin and our immune system will fire up to protect us from it. Our immune system gets weaker as we age and we need it to remain focussed on its job, which it to protect us from disease. Taking a break from booze will reduce your blood pressure, bring down your cholesterol levels and boost your general health.

  1. It could change your life!

After 66 alcohol free days you will experience the “Domino Effect”. Your mind will clear and your energy and motivation will come flooding back. You may well start reviewing and changing other parts of your life — your eating plan, your exercise program, your career and even your relationships.

Why 66 Days?

66 days is long enough to change a habit and build a new neural pathway.  If you are thinking about making alcohol-free living a permanent lifestyle then you will find it SO much easier after 66 days.

Even if you are just looking to cut down then take a 66 day break and you will find it much easier to drink within the low-risk levels of one bottle of wine a week.

Need some support?

If you’d like a bit of support to get through the 66 days then join the Tribe Sober #Sober66 Challenge and get online, community and audio support for 66 days from the day you sign up.  The Challenge begins on the 20th March so sign up today!

More info via this link.

This article first featured in Sixty and Me on March 2nd, 2023


The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

Don’t wait for 11 years – join Tribe Sober today!