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This is my word for you this week – discard – and you can interpret it how you will.

‘Discard’ according to the dictionary definition is ‘to get rid of something, especially useless or unwanted’. So you get rid of something that you no longer want or need, or that no longer serves you.

What will you discard this week?

  • Alcohol? The need for alcohol? The thoughts about alcohol?
  • Something you do too much: resent, criticise, opinionate, judge, project, fix and ignore?
  • Physical objects such as too many belongings, too much plastic, too much waste?

I found this meditation about the word, the term, the entire world of ‘discard’ and now I will share it with you.

I challenge you to discard something this week, something that will free you of thoughts, mannerisms, physical habits and physical items. Let me know what it is!


[ – by Carl Phillips, Writer]


Discard regret.

Discard your inner critic.

Discard inner doubt.

Discard ‘keeping up with keeping up’.

Discard envy.

Discard living in constructs of someone else’s making.

Discard the pressure to always say yes.

Discard negativity.

Discard the excess.

Discard self-destructive habits.

Discard egotistical behaviour that means you think your way is the only way.

Discard what weighs you down.

Discard what no longer serves you.

Discard all of this to uncover and make space for what matters most.  To embrace what that means for you.  To embrace and follow your inner compass.

Simplify.  Reset.  Recalibrate.  Reconnect.



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