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Walking back to Happiness – The Secret to alcohol-free living and well being

Aimed at millions of drinkers around the world who are interested in taking a break from alcohol, WALKING BACK TO HAPPINESS reveals the secret of how drinkers can free themselves from alcohol’s control.

Where the standard willpower method fails, this unique and easy-to-follow approach is proven to succeed. It shows how by quitting drinking you can transform your body, mind, life and find true happiness.

ou don’t have to be an alcoholic to stop drinking. You just need to recognise that your relationship with alcohol can lead to life-changing issues – not just for you but for your loved ones, your work colleagues, in fact, everyone you are connected to.

In WALKING BACK TO HAPPINESS, the author shares ALL the obstacles he faced, the wisdom he gained and the challenges he overcame during the first year of going alcohol-free.

Set out in six sections: Time To Act – Day 1; The Journey Begins – The First Few Days; Discovering The New You – The First Few Weeks; Understanding The New You – The First Few Months; The New You – Beyond 90 Days; A New Life – One Year & Beyond.

The book will help you: Identify your values; Cement your beliefs; Find your purpose; Reduce your anxiety; Lose weight; Improve your well-being; Discover the power of mindfulness & meditation; Be more present; Unleash your alcohol-free superpower; and Transform your mind & body.

Each chapter covers: The Author’s Story; What He Learnt; Steps You Can Take; and Key Learning Summaries.


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