Yes, Say NO in 2023!


Life is full of beliefs and we pick up a lot of these from our parents, our teachers, our peers and our daily interactions in our environments wherever we live. We start to form false beliefs.

In addition, the 21st Century has become increasingly complex with too much technology to deal with – social media, WhatsApp groups, news, gaming, and needing to know everything all the time.

Living in this crazy online world means that a lot of us continually feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), make assumptions, make judgments, take things personally and dwell on things that simply haven’t happened, cannot happen, or happened and are over now, or happened but we are fearful of fixing them due to repercussions that involve us and call us out.


2023 is the Year of Saying No

So, let’s make 2023 the year to tune in to these things, our mental, emotional and physical health and what we truly need to live a better life. It’s time to feel the compassion, the love, the acceptance for the human race and for those close to us who trigger our buttons. It’s time to notice why we react in certain ways, turn to addictive substances to deal with life, and live with frustrating habits that just bring us down or hold us back.

Did you know that Astrologers are saying that 22 January 2023 is a vital time for humanity on earth as this is the time to let go of our egos and to tune in to real Perception? Which means letting go of the past. It is true that the past has made us who we are but also, the past is gone, and often, holding onto the past can be poisonous and sickening, literally. It’s time to cut the chains that bind, to no longer be chained to the past, to set forth free into the future, a new earth future.

Purvi Kalra wrote about saying no to specific beliefs ideas and habits in 2023, with input from clinical psychiatrist Dr Kamna Chhibber and Dr Jyoti Kapoor, senior psychiatrist and founder of Health Shots, Manasthali.

Say no to:

  1. Lack of exercise

We all need to move and exercise boosts the mood, stamina and energy levels, blood flow, and happy hormones and it is best done in the great outdoors for health and visual beauty.

2.  Social media addiction

Change the daily habit and routines of looking at groups, chats, media news, and skinner and you will immediately feel less negative and move out of that hole of low self-esteem – it is time to break this addiction that is causing disease, car crashes, family break ups and more. Too much social media causes anxiety depression and low self-esteem.

3.  Toxic behaviour

This is how we react and interact in society with family and friends, acquaintances and strangers =- anger, resentment, assumption, judgements, narcissism and bias are all toxic behaviours. If you do this or if others do this to you, it is time for a change! The world needs more compassion and love, kindness and non-judgment.

4.  Negative thought patterns

These go round in circles in our minds and mean that we need to deal with them as they are pointing at issues in our lives that may need attention e.g. I am too fat, I am so useless, my mother hates me, my husband irritates me, my wife is so bossy, and so on. Let’s try to see the bright side of things in life even if it means counting to ten before acting on something and taking time to see both sides first.

5.  Judgment

It is so easy to judge others and see them from our point of view, instead of seeing them as people like us who have a story and a past and who are going through stuff on a daily basis – so how dare we judge them? It is time to show compassion and to think about being a part of the human race, all equal and all able to support one another.

6.   Constant comparison

Things like social media bring us into other people’s lives which look very happy and perfect and so we start to compare ourselves with them and think that we are lesser beings. And we want more or feel guilty about being so useless and boring. Many of us feel envy yet we are not looking closely at our lives to see why we feel this way.  Or to count our lucky blessings. This must mean that we not content with our lives, unhappy even. So, it is time to take control of this and to change our lives so that we just live how we want to and allow others to come to us if they want to – find what makes your heart sing and tune into your soul.

7.  Unnecessary guilt

Let go of that guilt that rules your life and feeds those negative false beliefs – if you stuffed up in your past, let it go. If someone called you out, let it go. Often, it is their stuff so if you took it personally then you need to look at why you react like this.  Let go and move on, into the present.

8.  Not putting your needs first

Don’t feel bad or guilty if you put your needs first as this should then lead to more self-love, self-belief and confidence in your life, therefore you will be able to love others more. Drained, busy, angry people have not organised their boundaries and are being trampled all over.

9.  Lack of focus

Find focus – if you are feeling lost and alone, find something that makes your heart sing and your head feel exercised – do a course, take up dancing or art, go out to weird and wonderful venues for fun. Find something that you love doing and do it.  Get more sleep and be healthier in life and find the nutritious foods that help your brain focus.

10.              Unhealthy substances

Stop the addictions to alcohol, cigarettes, social media, smartphones, sugar, gyming, gaming, and what it is that you do too much in an addictive manner – take a break or change the habit. People sustain their health only when their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs are met. Amen.



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