It’s Time to Put Down Our Glass and Take Back Our Power – Tribe Sober with Janet Gourand

Janet Gourand is the host and founder of Tribe Sober, a membership program and workshop series for people who wish to quit drinking alcohol.

In Tribe Sober, she interviews guests and shares her own story of quitting alcohol after years of substance abuse.

In this episode, you will learn:

How Janet Gourand decided she needed to go sober,  What AA was like for Janet Gourand, Why alcohol is so normalized in our culture


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About Janet Gourand

Janet has had many years of experience in corporate life in both Europe and South Africa. When she decided to stop drinking alcohol, she could find very little available support in South Africa. She did not want to go into rehab and decided that AA was not for her. Janet got sober through her own efforts and by attending a workshop in London.

As her journey continued, she decided to use her professional background in training and development to design and facilitate her own workshop in order to support people who wish to moderate or quit drinking alcohol. Janet set up a membership program and holds workshops via Zoom, which are attended by people from all over the world. If you want more details on membership or workshops, just drop her a mail. She is married with one son and a chihuahua called June. Originally from London Janet relocated to Cape Town in 2001.

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The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

Don’t wait for 11 years – join Tribe Sober today!