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Getting Sober over 60 – Listen here 

Whether you’ve been drinking for decades or picked up the bottle in midlife, it’s never too late to enjoy the benefits of sobriety. As we age, those benefits far outweigh the quick fix that comes with drinking.

My guest, Janet Gourand knows a thing or two about reaping the sobriety benefits later in life. Janet chose to quit drinking at 63, having no idea at how many opportunities she was giving herself after years of heavy drinking.

When Janet stopped drinking she could find very little support available in South Africa and did not want to go into rehab and decided AA was not for her.

In this episode, you will hear how Janet got sober and the resources that worked for her.

Janet became so passionate about helping people moderate or quit drinking alcohol, that she founded Tribe Sober, an online community that holds workshops and meetings for people all over the world.

You will also hear:

The three pivotal moments in Janet’s drinking that she reflects back on now as “rock bottoms”  The benefits of sobriety later in life  The risks of alcohol use  The importance of community in sobriety The power of being an introvert To read this episode’s full show notes, click here.

To 50 and Beyond

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