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Here at Tribe Sober, we enable people to quit drinking and then go on and thrive in their alcohol-free lives.  Experience has taught us that six months of “doing the work” can rewire our habits so that we no longer reach for that glass of wine at 6 pm.

Six months without booze will result in more energy as well as more time.

That’s why a Tribe membership will link you to various practitioners who will gently introduce you to yoga, hypnotherapy, meditation, art therapy.. and all manner of things that you can try out – either for free or at a minimal cost.

Ditching the drink takes you on a journey of self-discovery – it’s such an opportunity to reconnect with your true self – who actually are you – and what do you really want out of your life?

I’m always on the lookout for new activities which may be of interest to our Tribe members which is why I was so delighted to meet Johno Meintjies.

Johno is an international performance coach.  During his career, he’s worked with South Africa’s top national sports teams.

He is also the founder and the inspiration behind the fabulous JEFF fitness community.

Have a listen to our conversation to hear how the Pandemic completely transformed Johno’s business model and how he has empowered and connected his global community with simple, yet profoundly effective tools.

Not only does he share his fascinating story but he’s got a very generous offer for Tribe members so do have a listen.


In this Episode

  • After a career coaching SA’s top sports teams, Johno was looking to build a business where he could spend more time at home with his young family.
  • He had plenty of innovative ideas, had moved into new premises and was just getting his JEFF fitness community started…
  • and then Covid hit.
  • Like many businesses, JEFF had to do a massive and unexpected pivot – Johno re-designed his fitness programs to be “at home” sessions –  he designed the workouts to suit all ages and all levels of ability
  • In fact, 65% of the people who joined up had never exercised before!
  • There would be a feeling of overwhelm when walking into a huge gym full of fit-looking people.  Now there would be no body shaming as people could work out in the privacy of their own homes and no one could see them.
  • He started finding ways to link his community as they went through the various fitness programs and discovered that the connections which were taking place were strong.
  • During those difficult and uncertain Covid days, people needed to share their feelings as well as exercise their bodies.
  • To get things started, he did an online fitness show via FaceBook every morning at 8 am – he got his wife involved and it got a huge following – 100 new people signing up every day.
  • He discovered that people needed a new routine – because suddenly they found themselves working from home without much idea of what tomorrow would bring.
  • We agreed on the power of community – Johno has his pillars of nutrition and exercise with community wrapped around them.
  • We also touched on the power of vulnerability and how it’s down to us as facilitators to create the right environment – a safe space where people feel able to share.
  • Johno set up an amazing 6,500 WhatsApp groups in 75 countries – small groups who kept each other accountable and even met up physically sometimes.
  • JEFF also created their very own app.
  • Johno has very kindly put together a special deal for Tribe Sober members – he’s offering a 50% discount on the first month’s membership of JEFF so you can see what it’s all about.
  • You’ll be able to download the JEFF app, send in your goals and preferences and you’ll get a program that has been tailored to your needs.
  • Have a look at the awesome JEFF website – it’s just – you can access it HERE.
  • Johno and I agreed that whether its fitness or sobriety the early days are difficult and we have to find innovative ways to keep people on track.
  • During the early days, it just feels like hard work and there are no real benefits coming in.
  • We are both very keen on challenges – and in fact in fact here at Tribe Sober we are busy with our annual #Sober66 Challenge – that’s audio, online, and community support to get you through 66 days of sobriety.  66 days is long enough to change a habit – to build a whole new neural pathway.
  • Sign up any day during September and your 66 days of support will start from that day so just go to, hit the #Sober66 button, and join our 100+ people on the Sober Bus!


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