Be a Cheetah, not a Snail – Join the Sober Sprint!

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Sprinting to the Sober Finish Line

Click on the pic to join Tribe Sober Sprint – Bootcamp!

Have you ever thought about quitting drinking and living life sober? Real, authentic life? Have you ever stopped and wondered WHY on earth you drink? Are you maybe uncomfortable with how much you drink, or with your need to drink?

This is the place to be right now if your thinking keeps going back to your drinking. And what better way to start your new sober journey than to join the Tribe Sober Sober Sprint!

It is always better to start a challenge with a new month so this challenge starts on 1 August, just around the corner. It is a five-day supported online retreat. It assists you to change your thinking about drinking and stop consuming alcohol for all those reasons you thought were good reasons.

Let’s think of some good reasons to join the Sober Sprint:

  • You get incredible support from people just like you. Every day you will receive a task that will enable you to reflect on your relationship with alcohol and you will participate in a 20-minute training on Facebook Live to help you change your mindsets and your habits.
  • Connect with people all around the world who want to try sobriety and open up their lives to new awakenings and new commitments. We now know that connection is the opposite of addiction. So far, we have more than 300 Sober Sprinters signed up via our Facebook page! All sharing their experiences as excitement builds for the Sprint!  You can join the conversation right here.
  • There is no fee for this wonderful alcohol-free challenge so join something free that will pay huge dividends in your personal life.
  • Your health will take off into new, vibrant territory and with that, your mind will want to tackle new goals and projects. Your dopamine highs will come from authentic living instead of dumbed-down alcohol-soaked semi-living! Get a new lease on life when you kick the booze habit and choose health.

When you join Sober Sprint, there is no obligation – just hang out, connect with others on the same path, ask questions and connect.

Sprint Rules

Before we start the Sprint, it’s important that we all commit to some simple ground rules.

Following these rules means that we’re all on the same page. You’ll know what to expect from Janet and team Tribe Sober during the next 5 days, and everyone can get the most out of the sprint whilst also having the most fun!

Rules for the Sober Sprint challenge:

  • Do the tasks! Set reminders and block out 15 minutes each day to do it.
  • Be coachable. I may not have the answers to everything, but I know how to help people stay sober! Trust the process and the breakthroughs will happen. You can also book coaching sessions with our own coaches.
  • Engage. Participate fully to get the most value from this Sprint. Engaging means responding to comments in a positive, supportive manner.
  • Only reply to the tasks in the comments below the task – then we can find them easily and give you some feedback.
  • The first port of call for help is to check the comments for each task or AMA post. After that, it’s to email for anything that’s not directly related to the task.
  • Finally, have FUN! It’s going to be a blast.
  • Follow the daily posts –

FB Live from Janet with a daily task post at 8 am UK.

Ask Janet anything post at 2 pm UK.

FB live training (10-15 mins) inside the group at 4 pm UK each day. The videos will stay in the feed so don’t worry if you miss the live show.

Each task will include a video and a worksheet covering the key points and action steps you need to post in the comments for each task. If you get stuck, please re-watch the video and re-read the worksheet before asking for help.

End Sober with the New You!

The sprint ends on Friday 5 August with the Closing Party at 4 pm UK time – this will be on Zoom and Janet will launch the new Tribe Sober online course with a 20% discount for you Sober Sprinters. The group will close on Saturday.

Let’s see what our new Sober Sprinters are saying about the Sprint on the special Facebook page:

  • I have been trying to moderate, and blamed my husband for my drinking thinking it would be easier if he didn’t drink. However, he has been sober 120-plus days due to health reasons, and I still drink so I can’t blame him. I want to stop drinking while he is not drinking, and I am having a difficult time which is why I am reaching out. I am 61, retired, and I am taking care of my 97-year-old mother, and grandchildren which I find taxing at times. I am looking forward to the sprint.
  • I am actually really excited about it. I am so looking forward to feeling like I have had a holiday rather than getting home feeling like I need another!!
  • I like a glass of wine with my evening meal. Am I allowed to drink de-alcoholized wine?
  • Moderation doesn’t work – I think many of us wasted far too many years hanging out with Moderation Mary – along with the Wine Witch and the Beer Bully she is one of the 3 “Bad Guys” who will try to trip you up – thanks to the super talented Tribe Sober cartoonist we now have images for those guys… Lucy always says – just tell them to F**k Off!
  • I’ve never heard of Moderation Mary but she’s never been my friend. Trips me always. I believe I’m on to her now and with the support of this group and belief in myself, she can turn into “Muffled Moderation Mary”. I won’t be listening.
  • I’m excited, I’m looking forward to accountability. I’m in need of change. Drinking is boring to me, but I still do it.

If you too have any comments to add to the Sober Sprint Facebook page, go here today!

Sobriety Bootcamp


The 11 Year Fact

Did you know that the average dependent drinker will struggle alone for 11 years before reaching out for help?

Don’t wait for 11 years – join Tribe Sober today!