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Those in the know, who sell the booze we want to forget, say that more consumers are buying less alcohol. 

Those in the know, who sell the booze we want to avoid, say that consumers want low alcohol- or alcohol-free drinks instead of alcoholic beverages. 

Those in the know, who sell the booze so bad for all of us, say that they are going to follow this trend and make more AF drinks for these consumers. 

What is driving this move away from alcohol towards alcohol-free drinks? 

Getting Healthy After Two Torrid Years 

Health! Money! Introspection! What does the spirit need after a torrid two years? The torrid two years of the Covid-19 Pandemic which changed the way we think and feel. I think I am half-way correct when I guess that the spirit needs time to heal and that does not include toxic substances like alcohol. 

It is daunting to think that people have been drinking fermented drinks since time immemorial. People like to feel different, relaxed, ‘high’. What is it about people that we need to do that? Centuries later, people are rethinking their life’s purpose – surely it is time to live in real time, the here and now? 

I found it amusing to research the latest drinking trends because I have no interest in drinking. I used to drink, yes, but once you stop drinking, that need becomes so strange and far-removed from authentic living.  

Anyway, so there I was, reading about the latest drinking crazes and I found out that people who drink prefer cans and containers they can take with them to enjoy a drink – their portable bar, so to speak. Take the drinks to the great outdoors, to meet friends or just out.  

Stronger Alcohol-Free Drinks  

According to Door Dash, people like stronger, unique tastes when they select alcohol, and most customers are going for dry drinks. 

Which of course made me think that anyone can choose a dry tonic with lemon! But what amazed me was the realisation that “one of the most exciting and innovative alcohol trends to come about in recent years is the growing popularity of low- or no-ABV drinks. With moderation in mind, many consumers across the globe are embracing no-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages.” 

The website goes on to say that non-alcoholic drinks sales have increased more than 30% this year and will expand even more next year. And the reason for this? Health! More people just don’t want to drink so much anymore. They want to feel healthy, but they do like to taste something delicious when socialising. They certainly don’t want to wake up with a hangover that ruins their fitness plans the next day! Or a rumbling stomach, puffy face and irritable mood. 

This kind of drinker is not boring at all. They want to drink something exciting, and many flavors are now trending towards the citrusy dry botanical theme. Non-alcoholic wines, gins and cocktails are a hit at many bars lately. The youth are driving this movement, I am pleased to see. 

There is a growing movement worldwide towards being sober-curious. People simply don’t like the side effects of alcohol and want to feel good when they go out. When people drink, they lose touch with themselves and those around them but think that they are having a cool fun time!  

According to NPR, many women in their 30s are losing their boozing habits because they want have fun and make friends without alcohol.  

“Many people, especially Millennials and Gen Z, are embracing a new relationship with drinking where they either mindfully reduce their intake or periodically take breaks from alcohol altogether.”  

Drysolation Drives Adaptogens  

The new buzz word is drysolation which arose from the Coronavirus pandemic when people were locked down and not drinking!   

Are you keen to be part of the non-alcoholic revolution? Do you want to be sober and curious so that you don’t have to suffer the ill-effects of alcohol every morning? Do you remember that alcohol causes cancer, not to mention all the other bad things we try to avoid including diabetes, kidney and liver and stomach diseases, brain diseases and more. 

People will be people and we never seem satisfied with staying naturally sober! Have you heard of the adoptogens movement?  

Research and Markets states that “Based on nature, the organic segment holds a significant share in the market. This is due to the usage of natural herbs as a supplement in the food and beverage segment or its use in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals segment. Natural herbs are widely popular among the consumers as it is consumed to relieve stress in a body. The synthetic segment is also expected to grow at a decent rate in the coming years.” 

This means that more consumers want to try supplements from nature that boost their physical and mental health. There is the ayurvedic sector which already has a hold on the health industry and promotes the use of herbal supplements to suit different body and blood types.  

“Adaptogens are used to cure renal, cardiovascular, and digestive problems. There has been a surge in the awareness to consume novel and safer medicinal herbs that are used to maintain endocrine homeostasis. There are considerable advantages of using medicinal herbs that are related to a better and healthier body.” 

Typical adaptogens include roots and herbs from Chinese medicines such as ashwagandha, lavender, ginseng, Tulsi, and Reisha. Those who buy them believe that they make them calmer, thinner, healthier and smarter! There is no proof of this although we know that they are indeed much better for you than alcohol! 

Another trend from nature is the fruits and vegetables making their debut as the highlight in cocktails these days – alcohol-free cocktails at that!  

I for one am relieved to read that there is a movement back to nature as many people forget that nature even exists these days! Too many people are rushing around, supposedly stressed, ignoring the birds, the bees, the trees, and the flowers. 

Nature is her own medicine too and if you get out in nature, you immediately boost your happy hormones. But that is a whole new subject, for another blog!  

It is good news that major alcohol brands are seeing the light and clambering to climb aboard the alcohol-free bandwagon and serve those of us who want to live authentic sober lives! 

What kind of life do you choose? If you are a drinker, do you agree with the movement as described above? Do you agree that there is a healthier generation making waves and driving the way companies produce alcohol and things called adaptogens? 

If you are sober and happy, then I applaud you. If you like taking natural supplements, then that is your choice too. Please write to us and share your stories. 



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