How Sober Spring Changed My Life with Kai Kunze


Sober Spring begins the day after this podcast is released so I wanted to share the story of one of our members from Germany.  He signed up for our very first Sober Spring back in 2018 – and he hasn’t had a drink since!

We already have people from all over the world signed up for Sober Spring 2022 – 66 alcohol-free days with online, community and audio support – start date March 20th.  More info HERE.

In this Episode

  • Kai was only planning to do a challenge as he was not particularly worried about his drinking – he just loved challenges.
  • He’s a great example of someone who did the challenge with an open mind and gradually came to the conclusion that alcohol was adding nothing to his life!
  • He read about Tribe Sober in a flight magazine when he was on holiday in South Africa – he took a photo on his phone and although he didn’t act on it for another couple of years the seed was sewn.
  • That’s often all it takes – I say to people when they come to our workshops – “you may not ditch the booze immediately but you will never see it in the same way again”.
  • Kai was very engaged in the Sober Spring chatroom and he noticed that many people were really struggling.
  • That was a bit of an eye-opener for him – he wasn’t struggling at all but he realized that he never wanted to get to that stage.
  • He also noticed that some people in the chatroom were saying how great they felt without the booze and that they may give up for good – that surprised him as he had never thought of doing that!
  • Kai’s children played a big part in his journey – his son told him that he hated it when his breath smelt of alcohol and his daughter told him that he “laughed too loud” when he drank.
  • These comments by his children shocked him – and played a big role in his decision to quit permanently. These days he is a great role model for his kids.
  • When he got to 66 days he immediately set his next milestone – 100 days. Then his daughter challenged him to do a year – and now he is four years sober!
  • Setting mini goals and doing it “step by step” is much more manageable than saying “I am giving up drinking forever” – avoid the F word as it’s too overwhelming.
  • At the end of our workshops we suggest people try 66 days of sobriety – we never suggest they stop “forever”.
  • Kai enjoyed his journey to sobriety and experienced some significant benefits – he’s an influencer in the business community, a role model for his kids – and enjoys being an “anthropologist” when he is out with people who are drinking.
  • He also loved the way it has simplified his life – no more counting the glasses he drinks – he just doesn’t drink.  His sleep and his skin has improved, he feels happy and full of energy! 

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